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    Nein. Nein. Nein.


    So I went with the “I don’t like people option.” Just kidding, well not really. It’s a lot easier to not have to coordinate with anyone, especially when you’re a commuter and you have a family you need to be home for every night. I’ve got a wife and kids …

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    Daily Create


    So a week ago I wrote a quick poem about what it is like to train and do TaeKwonDo; and what that means to me. This week, I added music and my own voice to the poem. Take a listen:

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    Life by Savanna 2015-03-14 22:53:16


    So as I was searching the assignment bank going, ummm yeah:

    And then I found this little gem! A one man (woman in this case) play. So I decided to do this for Andrea, but with her dead husband, so that her level of crazy is really conveyed to you …

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    A Poem about Music


    Music is an escape.

    From the cape.

    That we must put on every day.

    In order to make pay.

    We jump really fast.

    We run even faster.

    So that we can say…

    We are black belt masters.

    And so we can do this! (Be stunt doubles!)

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    Andrea Carr is now on Twitter!


    Go Follow my character Andrea Carr for more information on her personality, current situation, relationship to other characters in the class, and more!

    A few of here crazy Tweets so far…..

    New followers….who the bloody hell are you people? You are most certainly not in my class. #ds106 #noir106

    — …

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    Another Week Down…Ready to Graduate!



    So this week was pretty fun! It was fairly nice weather, and although it has been a week since I posted anything, it was easy to get back into the swing of things!

    I started my Daily Creates with:….


    Then I had to make my 5th Twitter account …

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    So this happened…..


    The most awesome moment of my past week:

    I’m meeting Chloe and Grace Bruce “Bruce Sistaz” from the 2011’s Britain’s Got Talent. They were semi-finalists and Chloe is now a famous stunt double for big box films! I had tickets to the seminar before, but I didn’t realize that I …

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    What Scares Me


    I hope you enjoyed my little video. Vimeo is a real jerk and wouldn’t allow me to upload again, so here is the video right here (if it is not working on my account):



    So yeah, I will never tell anyone my biggest fears. I’ve seen Lifetime movies—I …

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    Just finishing my Saturday workout when #ds106 strikes! Oh no! A daily create! So I got a little creative and did calf-raise squats. Please excuse me while I ice my legs! They burn!!!!! #tkdproblems #workoutproblems #fitgirlproblems

    Link to Flickr

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    Week Seven and still not in Miami……


    People who got comments:


    7th Heaven





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    A lil Radio Show Promo


    So we have this totally awesome Radio Show coming up next week. Here is a lil promo that I made that captures the sub-play of the whole show. I can’t say too much, but a love triangle will form, and cheating is just another word for ‘a healthy relationship.’ Tune …

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    Tiffany Bumper: Radio Show Work!


    Tiffany’s is my absolute favorite place in the entire world. I recently visited the Tiffany’s in Miami and it was flawless. Beyond gorgeous and so classic. Sadly, they were closed for Holiday.

    Yes that is an actual millionaire with her maid. Surprisingly, they acted like best friends. They were quite …

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    Remix, Remix, Remix–Andrea Carr


    Trying to create this was a nightmare. Did you know there is absolutely no place to go that has WiFi at UMW? Everyone is either super loud or you’re not “alloud” to make noise (see what I did there :)). I cannot wait until I get moved into a quiet, …

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    Week 1 of the Radio Show


    I am really excited to be working on this Radio Show. We have a fantastic group of gals who are all very creative and diverse: which means our radio show is going to be the bomb.com. We have a few ideas floating around our 5 mile long Google Doc! Yes …

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    Week 6…..Radio Show Almost Done!


    So after trying to get onto this blog for a day and a half, I finally made it on! The stupid sign-on address was not working. WordPress is great and all, but every other website remembers me, why can’t you WordPress? Anyway….this has been a super busy week!

    I started …

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