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    Vignelli, the Graphic Design Rockstar


    “Creativity needs the support of knowledge to be able to perform at its best.” This is a quote from Vignelli, a rockstar of graphic design.

    After reading his short handbook, I am rather impressed. We are talking about a guy who was alive during a time when graphic design was …

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    Copyright Thoughts


    When I think go Copyrights and which pictures I can use, and which ones I can’t; it makes me sick. I feel like in this day and age, if its on the Internet, it should be allowed to be shared. The Internet is a place for sharing. That being said, …

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    Officially HATE VIMEO


    So for real, I hate Vimeo. I have been having such a problem uploading videos with them, and of course, I couldn’t upload it to my personal YouTube account because I use it for business–and I was uploading whilst creating this Vlog.#firstworldproblems #businesswomanproblems. Am I right?  But this is my …

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    My Super Power—TaeKwonDo


    What’s my super power? I’m a martial artist. I turn my hands and feet into weapons. I guess you could say I’m a walking lethal weapon. Better get a concealed weapons license so I can put my hands in my pocket. Just kidding….but not really. Martial arts is an excellent …

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    Do Sounds Really Matter?


    The answer is absolutely yes. Think about it. Without sound how would we be able to realize foreshadowing effects, tense moments, scary moments, climactic moments? We wouldn’t. Visual cues alone cannot tell the story. I personally, am a huge Lifetime movie watcher. Not particularly because I’m in love with them …

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    Radio Show


    Super excited to be given the opportunity to set up a radio show with you guys! Who’s in for this idea?

    As you probably can already gather, I really love Gotham right now….So who would want to do a Gotham/Batman themed radio show that plays classic music from the time, …

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    Week Four, and I Can Almost Feel Spring…


    So another week down, another one to come. Audio week has by far been my favorite! I thought I would prefer visual effects, but let’s be real audio is way more fun and easier to play with. I started out the week playing with Audacity, which thank goodness a link …

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    My Spam is Your Spam


    Spam is really horrible, but let’s laugh it off with this assignment: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/taking-back-spam/. Finishing up my stars for this week–this assignment was 1 Star.…

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    Room—ugh no. “Decaying Room”


    I don’t know if I’m the only one, but referring to things as, “item-porn” is not classy. It’s just weird and inappropriate. So I’m not tagging this with the original description, because I don’t want to look like another weirdo. Life By Savanna is a classy site, like San Diego. …

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    Me and Photography….


    Before I finished this week’s visual noir safari, I knew a little about photography (yes apart from selfies), but my photography focused more on sports and stylized photography. As you all know, I am a martial artist, and one of the things everyone always asks each other is to film …

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    3 Weeks….And how many more to go?


    This week was all about discovering our inter photographer–but not like the way we are on Instagram (unless you’re super into noir). This week we learned how to take spooky and dramatic shots that referenced something a little darker. To get us going on this conversation, I wanted to share …

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    Photo Safari Noir Style


    ~A photo that is taken at an unfamiliar angle. 


    -A photo that uses distinct shadows with a little bit of the gritty building effect.


    -A photo that shows a built environment, and an urban backdrop.


    -A photo that has a sense of moodiness, and a noir cat! …

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    What’s in Andrea’s Bag.


     Andrea has a few items in her bag. She has only kept the items that mean the most to her, as she has had to sell the rest. Andrea is very sentimental and  has a note from her former husband, along with his favorite pen, before he died. The note …

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