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    Another Week Down, 14 More To Go…..


    This week was really difficult for DS106. I got a real taste of the work load and I have to admit, it was very frustrating and overwhelming at times. And at times, I mean all times. The work did not stop. Especially those daily creates! Highly annoying sometimes, but a …

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    Renegade Teacher: Andrea Style


    For this Writing Assignment, I wanted to do something a little unconventional to the prompt. Instead of my favorite character, I am going to use my own character: Andrea.

    Andrea walks in, filling in for the main teacher at Goolic Elementary. Andrea sits at her desk and begins to read …

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    Introducing Andrea Carr….My Character Dossier


    Andrea Carr married the love of her life, Don Carr. They had a beautiful family and a wonderful life. They were dripping in wealth from the oil industry, and Andrea’s parents had given her millions from their art studio (before their untimely death). However, on April 16th, 1945 that all …

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    Romeo and Juliet: Remix Description


    Star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet, meet at the funeral of both there parents, who had died over a great battle that all started when their mothers were wearing the same designer: Shouks Pearuttion. When their fathers got word of the petty fight, they too consumed themselves in battle over snotty …

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    My Legacy in a Textbook:


    “Before graduating in 2014, Savanna was a very hard working girl. She could manage study groups, daily classes, teaching, working out, and cooking all as if it were nothing. She was obsessed with time management, and she never took a minute to rest. We are thankful for this, because if …

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    My Saturday!


    So I started out with a morning TaeKwonDo workout—just some running, kicking and punching, then I did my nails (super girly I know!). Next, and right now, I am cleaning my apartment in preparation for Miss Universe tomorrow—-eeeekkk I’m so excited! #TeamNia! I am also getting my makeup ready for …

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    When you learn your sentence……


    A Haiku about what it is like to be in #ds106.

    Overwhelming, Scary.
    What did I get myself into?
    Work hard, create daily, Noir!


    It’s going to be a rocky road, but I know I will be learning amazing techniques that will ultimately help with my degree!

    Follow me …

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    YouTube Intro—Something I am proud of!


    Here is a promo I put together for our last Tournament back in November. I know it says “Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Spotsylvania” but that is my business YouTube account—hints why I’ll have to us Vimeo for this class!

    Anyway, I am really proud of my work. I’m a …

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    Gotham—Noir Example


    Right now, my favorite series is Gotham. The show focuses on Gotham city during Bruce Wayne’s (Batman) adolescent years. The show focuses on the corrupt government,
    immoral rich, and the chaos that consumes the city after the Waynes’ (Batman’s mom and dad) die. The series is only half-way finished, so …

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    Week 1 Down, A Million More To Go!


    When I found out that we were going to be studying and theme-ing the class around the concept of Noir, I had mixed emotions. On the one hand, I was very excited, because as I shared earlier, Gotham is my favorite show right now, which focuses heavily on Noir. Yet …

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    A little about me…..


    Hi guys! My name is Savanna and I am a black belt TaeKwonDo instructor. I have been doing TaeKwonDo for over four years now and it has been a blast! Right now, I am training for the world championships, so I have been hitting the gym everyday and working hard …

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