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    My first experience with podcasts was in Hihgschool. I was playing around with itunes and I saw one of their free services. At the time I was really into Veronica Mars the Tv show. I noticed that itunes had a Veronica Mars Podcast so I subscribed to it. I listened …

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    My 10 Daily Sounds


    For this assignment I was supposed to record 10 sounds from my every day life.

    I found this very challenging. My first thought was, my life isn’t interesting enough to record. What sounds do mean? So put it in the front my mind and went about my day and tried …

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    This week…


    I did a lot of work on my Black History posters. I have been using Photoshop to make my posters but we had that big discussion in class about typography. Maybe I should switch programs to illustrator.

    I am really enjoying all of the daily creates. A lot of them …

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    No Media?


    Media fast

    -The Before-

    I woke up the morning that I was going to do the Media Fast and my first feeling was dread. No media meant no cell phone and that was going to be the hardest part for me. Its not that I need to be in constant …

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    This Week..


    Since I missed last week, this will be my first reflection.

    This week in class we took a look at audio sampling. We compared analog Vs. Digital. I honestly had not thought that much about it. I know I had heard music enthusiasts complain how digital doesn’t capture the fullness …

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    I Am From…


    I am From throw Pillows, From Art Projects and Crock Pots.

    I am from the Brick Warmth. I am from the Flower Beds and the Peach tree whose long gone limbs I remember as if they were my own.

    I am from Blue Eyes and Loud Laughter. From Parents and …

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