1. hlam8

    Goodbye CT 101!


    CT101 Last blog post

    But if you guys like, I’m still going to post on my website about my travels. If you guys are traveling to either Japan, Malaysia, Puerto Rico, St.Martens, St.Lucia, St.Thomas, and Barbados. I can give you some pointers of where to go that I found enjoyable. …

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    Celebrity Scandal


    Lori Loughlins is one of the main faces of the scandal. Most remember her as Aunt Becky from Full House. Well, she paid her way for her daughters to get into a prestigious school, USC. She paid almost 500k to get her daughter into an athletic program but her daughter …

  3. hlam8

    My Own Domain!


    I can’t believe it, I never thought I would get my own domain. I actually never really knew the process of obtaining a domain. I thought you had to hire someone to build it up for you because it was hard to create. Boy was I wrong.

    The steps were …

  4. hlam8

    GIF Making #2


    After making one Gif in class, I wanted to make another but had a tough time finding the right image size for photoshop. I didn’t have enough time to create another gif so after school, I started looking into ways, I could create similar gifs from youtube videos and google …

  5. hlam8

    GIF the Portrait Project


    Today in class, we learned how to use photoshop to create frame by frame animations. For my animation, I used Ben Stiller’s portrait. When I saw it on the tumblr page, I thought creating a gif would be very difficult to do because I barely use photoshop. But after the …

  6. hlam8

    Panoramic Storytelling with Multiplicity Pt 2


    Our second panoramic picture depicts the beginning of a girl’s night. Us deciding, what we should do and what we are planning to eat. I don’t know if it applies to everyone but when I go out, it is very hard deciding where anyone wants to eat. I feel when …

  7. hlam8

    Panoramic Storytelling with Multiplicity


    Today in class, we learned how to use the panoramic effect on our phones. I have tried panoramic pictures before but I never really understood how to perfectly do it. Learning new things about how to improve our social media pages is going to be  great  because I don’t consider  …

  8. hlam8

    DS106 Assignment #2


    My second DS106 assignment, I picked was creating a bucket list. I always wanted to start one but never had the time to actually think about it. Bucket list isn’t a concept many people thought about before but now  individuals  want to  explore  and  create  new adventures.  Bucket lists  are  …

  9. hlam8

    DS106 Assignment #1


    For my first DS106 Assignment, I picked creating my dream vacation on pinterest, one of my favorite past times is planning for my vacations. Planning  for my vacation creates an excitement because of the anticipation of traveling to a foreign country. I usually use a bunch of websites to research …

  10. hlam8

    Are Memes Art?


    In today’s society, I believe memes have become a big part of how an individual express, how they feel. As our generation progresses, the more advance technology has become. Memes have become an impacting factor in the media world. Art is more fluid than most people would agree too. Art …

  11. hlam8

    Feelings About the Class


    It’s my last semester in York College

    I was looking for a class that I would be able to learn to create something. On the first day, professors usually just read the syllabus and tell you what you have to do but after my first day I realized this class …

  12. hlam8

    What Makes Me Happy – Assignment #1


    What makes me happy on the internet? Travel vlogs/blogs, not being able to travel as much as I like, watching youtubers record their daily lives makes me happy. I feel as if I’m traveling with them. If I like the places they travel to, I save the video and create …

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