1. hsemay

    DS106 BootCamp, Out


    It’s been a real trip going through the DS106 BootCamp. In a mere matter of days, I have:

    1) Set up a Tumblr blog – because some quick research showed most people though Tumblr the most difficult blogging platform to master, and I always like a good challenge.
    2) Decided …

  2. hsemay

    The art of animated gifs


    So I have two original gifs to my name. Now what? As I’m fast discovering, there’s a method to the madness of DS106. Unit 1 had kicked off a discourse on ‘What is Art’ and the concept of A Personal CyberInfrastructure (my thoughts on this to follow) to create art …

  3. hsemay

    The science of animated gifs – Part 2


    My 2nd attempt was a far less ambitious one than the first yet was very much more focused. I wanted to achieve 2 things, to capture my nephew in some characteristic action and to yield some laughs from the family.

    Attempt 2: Nephew’s Flying Kiss
    I coaxed the little bugger …

  4. hsemay

    Here goes nothing!


    Except a couple of weeks, a whole lot of frustration, and a probably a confirmation on a sneaking suspicion that I may be too old for this shit.

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