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    My Dream Trip: Finland



    Why I want to go to Finland

    Whenever someone asks me where I want to go and travel to if I have a choice, I always say “Finland” and they look at me strangely. Out of all the places, Finland? I have always wanted to go to Finland because …

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    The Fourth Week Learning Digital

    The essence of video making


    Let me tell you, it is something about the fourth week of this course that has really changed my perception on Digital Storytelling. This past week, we looked at the topic of videos. It first started off with the basics of video taking essential …

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    Thank you for the memories made

    College Memories From one Burg to the next

    Although I am a transfer student to the University of Mary Washington, I do have a lot of memories I will always hold onto my heart although I have decided to transfer schools. When I was at Lynchburg College, I indeed not …

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    Commerical For DS106


    Digital Studies has taught me a significant amount of knowledge in several technological aspects. In this video, I wanted to demonstrate the knowledge I have gained from this course in order to persuade other students to join the class. With the immense rise in the use of online platforms, as …

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    Video Capturing- Midweek Reflection


    From this section, I learned a lot about how videos manipulate reality through multiple techniques.  Just like how I manipulated the nursery rhyme, “You Are My Sunshine”, into a whole different feeling, video techniques essentially do the same thing. However, they manipulate the image which alters one’s perception of what …

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    The Impact on Video Analyzing Robert Ebert’s


    In the book “Understanding Movies”,? by Louis D. Giannetti, Roger? Elbert? introduced the? concept that visual compositions have “intrinsic weighting”. Elbert inferred that certain areas of the available? visual space have tendencies to stir emotional or aesthetic reactions. Elbert also in the article about the “Rule of Thirds”. For example, …

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    Audio is Everlasting



    I felt like week hree was a very important learning week for me regarding the information I have acquired from audio. Often times, when living in a digital world we often forget aspects often looked over when looking at a video, or trailer. While at first we often are …

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    You’re So Vain: Mashup


    We all know the original Carly Simmons Song “You’re So Vain” and if you don’t then I would recommend looking it up. Although No one can do it like the original, I felt it would be an amazing song to compare with a cover.

    We all can think of a …

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    Sounds without voices

    A Look At a Story with Just Sounds

    When thinking about creating a storyline using only sounds, it took some time and thought to chose my storyline. In the Soundcloud mixture, the story is about a young female professional that woke up a little bit too late and is rushing …

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    Behind the Noise- Midweek Reflection



    This week the class was introduced to the concept of audio applications in Digital Story Telling. Audio storytelling produces quality concepts that are a categorical elements in digital studies. I went into this week with a considerable amount of knowledge on audio file creations, especially the applications of audacity, …

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    SoundCloud Detective Stories Come to Life


    Detective Soundcloud

    The second audio storytelling element in this weeks midweek reflection was “Moon Graffiti”. I also learned that In the SoundCloud Detective stories a concept called Radio Lab was created which is the layering of sounds “times capsule”.  I noticed elements in the podcast that was representative of the …

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    Keeping things in perspective

    “We live once” One of the important lessons I have learned in the short 22 years of my life is that we live every day without realizing the seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, and years that seamlessly go by without truly experiencing them. I believe that living every day as…
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    The Design Bank…? Will Smith Style


    In one of this week’s assignments in the digital bank categories, the objective was to create a character that follows the theme of our apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic outfit from a famous movie or book. I chose this assignment because of my love for fashion. Since I have been younger, I …

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    Midweek Interests!



    When looking over the assignments, the first aspect of the assignments that stood out to me was Canva because I have a fair amount of background from the application from my PR& Marketing Position in my Sorority at Lynchburg. I would use Canva to create graphic designs and templates …

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    The Three Assignments of Design



    This week in Digital Story Telling, we were introduced to the concept of design. For the first task on the assignment list, I focused on the two core elements within artists speaking on Ted Talk videos.

    When looking over the two different Ted Talks, I found clear differences between …

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    Photograph Exercises


    This past week in digital storytelling, I learned about the importance of photography and visual storytelling. From the start of the unit, I immediately learned about all the tips that are important in photography. Some of which I knew, but by reading through the post I acquired much more knowledge …

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    The Loft Experience


    The Loft Experience

    15 mins to showcase all that a loft entails


    The photo blitz assignment was an excellent choice to challenge the photographic elements we are presented with in class. I took my photos at a family friends loft in downtown Fredericksburg where I felt several factors presented a …

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