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    All that can happen in a week!


    This past week in Digital Story Telling, I generated the first ever domain I have had for my personal use (issiegriffith.com). With producing this website and making a conceptual knowledge of photography this past week, I can confidently say I am going to be learning valuable skills not only for …

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    NCLD legislation


    Legislation for Learning Disabilities is few and far between. Although not on the forefront of everyone’s mind, it is very important to note the current legislation for children with learning disabilities.


    I was diagnosed with Dyslexia after my third-grade year in a public school. My mom knew I was …

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    Typography of Creativity



    In this visual assignment task, I was asked to take a picture and incorporate typography to present an abstract and unique design. I decided to use the background I have in illustrator to integrate typographic with a light bulb.


    To do this, I first picked out a photograph …

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    What the Internet has taught me


    Hard to believe, there was a time when there was no such thing as the internet. My generation is the first to experience both the good and bad that comes with the creation of website domains and various social media apps. When I think back to creating my facebook when …

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    Love Should Not Hurt


    This is a video I made for my sorority this past year for our philanthropy, Domestic Violence. As PR & Marketing for the sorority, I realized what I love to do, and am excited to showcase an example of using social media in order to create an impact!


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