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    Following Evidence: Part 1

    Following Shannon

    Shannon’s discovery of beef on her front porch is definitely disturbing. On top of that, it’s so unusual. My mother has always said if something doesn’t feel right or if something doesn’t sound right, it probably isn’t right. So essentially, trust your gut!


    In regards to beef …

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    Week Twelve

    Week Twelve

    Week twelve was a blast for me. I loved being able to go through and pick out which assignments I wanted to do! Additionally, I loved that the demands for DS106 were not as great as they have been in past weeks. At this point in the semester/school …

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    Share Your Evidence

    My Evidence

    Write a blog post in which you share your found evidence. Tell us the story behind your finding of it. Share the post on Twitter using #theend106 #evidence.

    I have recently been in contact with my old radio show group, and we all had something to say about …

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    Create Finsta Instagram (4 Stars)

    Create an alternate Instagram page that depicts you as another character unlike yourself! Post an intro post that describes the character you have described to be.

    I completed this assignment on Instagram. First, I had to create a new Gmail account because the email accounts …

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    Minimalist Travel Poster: “The Handmaid’s Tale”

    Minimalist Travel Posters Based In Movies (3 Stars)

    Create a minimalistic travel poster for a location in film, TV series, etc.

    I completed this assignment at Canva.com. I personally have been using this website for years and I am absolutely in love with it; there is so much you can …

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    “The Handmaid’s Tale” in GIFs

    Summarize A Movie With Animated GIFs (5 Stars)

    Use no more than 10 animated GIFs to tell the story of the movie of your choice.

    I completed this assignment doing typing in “handmaid’s tale gif” into the search box of Google Images for animations. For the most part, I aimlessly …

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    Watch a Movie/Make a Movie

    Watch a Movie/Make a Movie

    For this assignment, I chose to watch the film “28 Days Later.”

    Supercut it – “28 Days Later”

    Create a supercut montage of overused dialogue, themes, motifs, filmmaking techniques, etc. for a particular character, tv show, film, and/or public figure. A supercut is a “fast-paced …

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    Six Stars of Video

    Six Stars of Video

    This week I chose two video assignments to complete. Here they are…

    Personal Stories (3 stars)

    Create a short video that, 1) shows us who you are, 2) shows us your past experiences This can be texts, pictures and possibly other videos that will be put …

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    10 Apocalyptic Questions

    10 Apocalyptic Questions

    Complete the 10 Apocalyptic Questions assignment. Download the original clip in the assignment, record your answers to at least 5 of the questions, and then edit it all together.

    Things are crazy out there, man. Decoder rings, missing hats, dinosuars? Who knows where this will all end. …

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    Week Eleven

    Week Eleven

    WEEK ELEVEN WAS SO BUSY FOR ME! There were so many assignments due this week for DS106, all fun, but a lot to do and get finished for Monday. I enjoyed continuing with video this week. My YouTube channel is looking like something real now. With continuing the …

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    Week Ten

    Week Ten

    Phew! Oh my goodness, this has been such a full week! I really underestimated the time-consuming assignments that are video. BUT I loved every minute of it. I really got to sit down and work with (plus learn more about) iMovie. I made so many videos and edited …

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    Video Work from the Assignment Bank

    Take us through your day- (2 stars)

    Make this vlog style and take us through your day! Let us know what your plans are and what you are doing. Add some fun music and montages. Be creative and have fun with it!

    I completed this assignment primarily between iMovie and …

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    Reading Movies Blog Post

    Ebert Essay

    Roger Ebert’s essay, “How to Read a Movie,” provided an enlightened view of how to properly dissect a movie. He created a process in which founder of the Conference on World Affairs at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Howard Higman, named “Cinema Interruptus.” It can be defined …

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    Revision Reflection

    Return of Rihanna This week, you should pick one 3, 4, or 5 star assignment you’ve already completed and significantly revise it, improve upon it, or remix it with something else. This is an opportunity to spend more time on something you might have rushed through before or to bring…
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    Week Nine

    Week Nine

    Week nine has been a blast! I got to go back into the swing of things; reflections, assignments, and Daily Creates. Aside from our typical schedule, I really enjoyed completing the Radio Show assignment. My group and I had a blast creating it and I personally loved hearing …

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    Radio Show Reflection

    Girl’s Guide to/for/through the APOCALYPSE

    Write a blog post in which you offer a final reflection on the production of your show, particularly what it was like to listen along to it with the rest of the class. Also, share your impressions of the other show you tuned into.

    “Girl’s …

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    Springing Out of Week Eight

    Week 8

    The school year is winding down! This week I focused on completing my semester-long read “The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood and two daily create assignments.

    daily create – What’s on your bread?

    look at this lovely home made bread

    For this assignment, I simply thought of what …

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    Week 7-11

    Week seven

    Week seven of the apocalypse was pretty cool. My class group staring working on our radio show, and I was able to enjoy making assignments. Typically in a week, I would have multiple assignments, but this week that wasn’t the case. Thus, I was able to really take …

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    From Behind the Computer To Behind the Microphone

    Radio Show

    This week I met up with my group in the Hurley Convergence Center to work on our radio show concept. I am working with the following class members:

    Taylor Malone — http://digitalstorytelling.taylorleighh.com/

    Elizabeth Finto — https://digitalstorytelling.eafinto.com/

    Morgan Burke — http://ds106theend.mburke4umw.com/

    Emily Sanborn — http://ds106.emilysanborn2.com/

    Make sure to check …

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    Sixth Week Into The End

    Week six

    Week six… dude. As always, I’m overwhelmed. I will say, this week’s assignments seemed to come to me more effortlessly this time around. I love-love-loved playing around with photos and most importantly design. In addition to my prior knowledge of these forms of media, I learned a lot!…

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    Design Reflection

    Design reflection

    You’ve looked at two videos from different designers (who engage in very different kinds of design) as well as some basic resources to learn the elements of design. How do these three resources influence your own approach to tackling design work this week?  Which resonated with you the …

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    Chose Your Own Assignment(s)

    What You’re Missing Nearby (3 1/2 stars)

    Have you ever wanted to travel, but do not have the time and money? Or maybe you are a world traveler and think you have seen it all. Spend some time and find at least four places to visit that are near you. …

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    Design Assignment(s)


    Carry your camera with you this week and take photos of objects, ads, signs, etc. that illustrate at least five of the eight concepts listed below (from the Adobe article):

    Alignment Hierarchy Contrast Repitition Proximity Balance Color Space

    I have dedicated an entire blog post to this assignment. To …

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    Designblitz Challenge


    Carry your camera with you this week and take photos of objects, ads, signs, etc. that illustrate at least five of the eight concepts listed below (from the Adobe article):

    Alignment Hierarchy Contrast Repitition Proximity Balance Color Space









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    Week (I’m Out Of Apocalyptic Puns) Five

    Week Five

    This was a very challenging week for me. I had several other demands outside of this class including papers, portfolios, and performances that kept me from doing my work like I would like to. Through all of that chaos, I missed my Daily Create assignments! They are always …

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    Assignments Chosen by Martha

    Web Assignment

    Using either Microsoft Word, creating your own webpage, or using a website like LinkedIn, create a “fake” resume for a fictional person or character of your choice.

    AUdio assignment

    Visit Frequency 2156 and spend sometime exploring the broadcasts. Then record your own dispatch and upload it. Grab the …

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    Reading and Resource Reflection

    Let’s talk about audio… specifically radio

    Write a reflection post on the clips you watched above and the resources on the Audio page. Tell us about your experience with audio coming into this class. What did you learn from what you looked at above? What resonated with you and what …

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    Chose Your Own Assignment(s)

    Cover combination (4 stars)

     I think it’s interesting to look at how the vocal and instrumental composotion changes the emotion of a song. For this assignment find a cover of a song and combine it with the original version of the song to create a new/remixed version of the song. …

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    Photoblitz Challenge


    A pair of photos which show some same of symmetry between different objects








    Make a photo of something you wear coat, gloves, scarf, hat, you name it!


    Yellow is an attention-getting color. A photo is dominated by yellow.


    An interesting shadow.…

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    Visual Assignment

    Bring your pet to school (2 1/2 stars) – “Samson on the steps”

    “Do you miss your pet while you are in school? Do you ever wish that you could bring your pet to school with you? This tutorial assignment will allow your dream to come true. You can use …

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