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    Social Media Campign


    As a part of my social media campaign for Social media Marketing I will seek to sell a selfie stick found here: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33013632792.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.3af8486d9ECkZr&algo_pvid=b900e106-2904-407f-ab52-946573bb507a&algo_expid=b900e106-2904-407f-ab52-946573bb507a-2&btsid=28c6ea4b-25e4-440d-a6b5-fd022efabd14&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_53

    The selfie stick will be marketed using the above ad. The ad seeks to encourage frequent travelers, hikers, and other nature enthusiast to buy a selfie stick …

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    About me: John Flood


    My name is John Flood and I am a Political Science and Marketing double major and I seek to go to law school to where I plan to study constitutional and business law.

    I worked as a congressional intern for Congressmen Rob Wittman of Virginia. My responsibilities included responding to …

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    All things must end



    This week I wanted to follow the theme of “Me”. As such I focused my assignments around various aspects or parts of my life. My first daily create coincides with this theme. I was asked what my favorite animal would look like. A red white and blue eagle would …

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    A trip to Remeber


    For my final assignment I am doing this week I decided to create my own project. I tasked myself with creating a video of a place I have visited in the past. I have visited places from Disney to the beach to Gettysburg. So for this assignment I made a …

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    Ds106 Inner Reflections


    This week I have undertaken the theme of assignments relating to “Me”. While this next project may seem of topic from this theme I would argue that it is still intertwined. My next assignment is a 2 1/2 star assignment to make a parody reflection on ds106. We were allowed …

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    For my next assignment I am slightly altering an assignment that calls for us to pick our favorite song and explain in a recording why we like it. The assignment is worth 3 1/2 stars. The assignment is located here: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/what-a-song-might-mean-to-you/

    The song that I chose is Imagine Dragon’s Believer.…

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    Wolfenstein’s Security


    I have mentioned several times my love of games. For this next project, worth 3 1/2 stars, I was tasked with creating a company logo for any “character” of my choice. I choose to interpret this as any video game character. The assignment can be located here:  http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/branding/

    I quickly …

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    A piece of Home


    My next visual assignment was a two star assignment that called for me to create a collage of places where I am comfortable. The assignment can be located here: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/places-of-peace/

    The collage has five pictures in it of various places I find comfort. The first picture is of me laying …

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    Let me Take a selfie


    For my first visual assignment of the week I tackled the ardous task of taking a selfie with my dog. This assignment is worth 2 1/2 stars and can be located here: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/selfie-with-your-pet/

    The assignment did not give much direction other than creating a post with the selfie in it. …

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    From the North to West


    My next assignment is another writing assignment. The assignment calls for us to detail an account of our move in day freshman year. The assignment is two stars and is located here: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/i-like-to-move-it-move-it/

    My move in day began a day early. I live in New Jersey and since my move …

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    A dogs perspective


    To kick of the week my first assignment is telling a story from a nonhuman perspective. I based my work off of the assignment located here: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/nonhuman-perspectives/

    mhhmmm that was a yummy breakfast and the water was nice and fresh too. Now I need to go to the bathroom let …

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    Game of Ebert


    Earlier in the week I reflected on an essay by Roger Ebert. My next assignment plays off of what was discussed in the paper. We had to choose a picture of clip from a film and analyze the scene and the placement of the characters. This assingment was worth four …

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    Cinematography basics


    This week in Ds106 was all about films. For this week we had to watch several clips and read an essay all about film making techniques. One technique I was reminded about this week was how the center of the screen is an important position. When tackling my first daily …

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    Week Four, Four Clips


    Another assignment this week was to watch four clips and write a reflection piece for them.

    The first clip was “2001 A Space Odyssey- match cut”. The main thing that I noticed in the film is that they appeared to be comparing the bone moving around in the sky to …

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    God Save the Tsar


    Last week I proposed a what if the Bolshevik revolution failed. This week I had to make an audio clip about my alternate history. In the audio clip i detailed the time line that culminated in the end of the first world war with Tsar Nicholas II still on the …

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    Three Times fast



    For this assignment I had to say a tonque twister as quickly as possible. Then I had to add a background sound behind it to give it some layering. This assignment was worth three stars. http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/tongue-twister/

    First I started with the above two audio clips. I found birds …

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    Moon Vandals


    This week we were meant to listen to Moon graffiti. I found the piece interesting, especially the concept of it. One element that I noticed at the beginning was that the sounds they used in the first minute, did make you feel like you were there, in space. Further When …

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    Testing Testing 1,2,3


    This week we had to watch several videos and view some resources regarding audio. In the first two minute video Jad Abumrad discusses something I found particularly interesting. The idea that since radio lacks images it allows the view to paint their own picture. Jad called this “Co-authorship”. Personally, while …

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    Design Aficionado


    For my Daily creates I invented a flower and described what it would look like. Coincidentally enough my other daily create also had flowers on it. To create the happy marriage card I used Canva. Editing the blocks I came up with a nice and sleek looking greeting card that …

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    Flags Flying over Moscow


    Apart of the theme of what if the Bolshevik revolution failed I needed to create an alternative history image. I thought of several various images I could create however in the end I decided to edit an image so the Imperial Russian flag was flying over the Kremlin instead of …

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