1. @Hugh_B_

    VFL17 In Review!


    I have now published my project on the View from Leicester website under the VFL17 section as A Mini Tour of Leicester. Before publishing it I went out again to take two photos, one of which I’d use in the final post an another to use in a promotional post …

  2. @Hugh_B_

    Account Setup & First Posts


    To start I firstly created the account I would use to post these images on Instagram.

    After a little thought I decided to go for the username “@LeicesterLegoMan” as this was fairly self explanatory as to what the account content would revolve around. The inclusion of Leicester in the name …

  3. @Hugh_B_

    Final Idea


    My final idea for the group project will be to create some spreadable media in the form of some unique photos based around Leicester that would likely catch the attention of other social media users and be used to tell a story in the captions by “advertising” the locations, being …

  4. @Hugh_B_

    Idea Testing


    I started to test one of the original group project ideas that I came up with to see what it would look like when actually created.

    I took the idea I had of combining several posted photos from social media of the same location posted by other people/users into a …

  5. @Hugh_B_

    Need For Speed


    For this assignment the task was to make a “musicless music video” by taking a music video, muting the audio and then using a variety of appropriate sound effects to make up the audio to the video.

    My inspiration for this assignment was from the short example given on the …

  6. @Hugh_B_

    Gold Squad


    For this assignment the task was to create a “find the difference” picture with at least 6 differences.

    My inspiration for this was my photography work in which I edit objects and things out of photos all the time to get a polished “perfect photo” look. For example this piece …

  7. @Hugh_B_

    Enter Destination…


    For this assignment the task was to create a story using Google Maps about a trip that you have taken. This would be done using the directions tool on Google Maps by entering the start location and then 1 or more destination locations.

    My inspiration for this was from one …

  8. @Hugh_B_

    Group Project Ideas


    I have a couple of ideas about what I could make for the VFL17 Group Project which include:

    Dear Photograph Style Photos – Using old photos of Leicester I would mimic the style of Dear Photograph by printing them out and taking a photo of them framed within the same…
  9. @Hugh_B_

    Unit 3 Summary


    I have now finished Unit 3 by completing 3 Daily Creates, the Visual Story task and 5 Card Flickr Story task.

    Out of all of these the most enjoyable was probably Daily Create #1709 as I found this quite fun to carry out due to its content and the simplicity …

  10. @Hugh_B_

    Desktop dozen! – #tdc1709


    For this daily create the task was to make a photo of 12 interesting things.

    Above you can see the photo I took with 12 different Hot Wheels cars that were on my desk (hence the title). For the execution of the photograph I drew inspiration from an Instagram account …

  11. @Hugh_B_

    Italian Views – #tdc1781


    This daily create involved blending two photographs taken in different places together to create a panoramic image to make it seem as if it was one photo.

    Above you can see the panoramic image I created using photos I took in Venice (left) and Bologna (right). While this is not …

  12. @Hugh_B_

    Unit 2 Summary


    For this unit I have customized my blog to my liking by using a simple and effective theme layout. I have not added a header image but merely selected a colour I like since I like the simplicity and professional look this gives to the blog. (Also WordPress really downgrades …

  13. @Hugh_B_

    The dream team – #tdc1748


    For this daily create we had to create a poster of 5 people for our “dream team” who we would like to work with some day.

    Above you can see the image I created in Adobe Photoshop of the 5 people I selected that I would like to work with …

  14. @Hugh_B_

    Big car, little car #tdc1483


    For this daily create we had to take a photo of two similar objects of different sizes. For this I took a photo of a 1:64 scale Ford Focus RS next to the actual car. I did this rather than the option of choosing another object because of my Automotive …

  15. @Hugh_B_

    Photography in the dark #tdc1422


    For this Night Photography I decided to venture to a place I’ve been a few times in Leicester and take a long exposure shot of the night time traffic passing by. Night Photography and especially light trails in particular is always very interesting in long exposure shots (You may also …

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