1. humme

    Time Capsule of Digital Storytelling/ Final Blog


    It seems like yesterday that I was lost looking for room 4M03, now 4 months later, recapping all the lessons that I have learned to do. This class doesn’t feel like a class at all any of the assignment that was given it felt like I was solving a puzzle …

  2. humme

    Corona Virus Ruins 2020


    The Corona Virus, a virus that has taken so many lives by now and so many are holding on straws to live another day. It seriously changed everyone’s life. I mean I didn’t have a clue how dangerous this virus got until I heard about the first case in New …

  3. humme

    Panoramic Storytelling


    This feature has been available since the iPhone 5 yet so very little amount of people knows about it. The Panorama option, that lets you take horizontally or vertically elongated field of view photos, basically wide-view photos. the first time I remember taking a panoramic photo, it was at my …

  4. humme

    Story of My Reactions Via GIFs


    Me: I need to get into this CT 101 Class 
    CUNYFirst:  CT 101, Professor Ryan Seslow, the class is full.


    Me: “Trying harder to get into this class”And here I am!!!

    I was so glad that I was able to get into this class, that I forgot to look …

  5. humme

    Digital Storytelling Possibilities

    Two Types of Transport

    These arts inspired me because they have a story in them, they show us the destruction created by the earthquake of 1906 and the present-day San Francisco. Back in 1906 taking a Photograph wasn’t as easy as pulling Your phone out and pressing the shutter button …

  6. humme

    Check out my fresh website!!!


    Hello everyone,

    hope everyone is doing well, this is my first time creating something like this and ever since this outbreak has started everyone is stuck being home and doing nothing beside seeing the trendiest videos, I mean if you have a content online its going to be popular regardless …

  7. humme

    Happy Online with Cats and Youtube

    Im still laughing.

    The age of internet where very thing is found with a simple click and so many countless content. Every body is different they have their own ways of picking what making them laugh or smile. So in my case the thing that makes me happy the most …

  8. humme

    Is meme an ART?


    Well, Memes or ME-Me, they are our 2 am single life swipes that make us giggle for a few seconds and on to the next swipe for funnier ones. With Pepe the frog to whatever that is trendy now. while the question was asked in class “Are memes Art?” with …

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