1. ianbukenya

    Unit 3


    Hmm what do I think of storytelling?
    My idea of storytelling relates back to when I was young. If I was going to put it into a sentence I’ll say storytelling is a series of words that captivates with person allowing them to picture the scenario in their mind. My…
  2. ianbukenya

    Unit 2


    STEP 1- Making our blogs look pretty
    I decided to make my blog relevant to DS106 in general, I did this by thinking what DS106 is. We a lot of back and forth thoughts and ideas with myself I came to the conclusion DS106 is like a journey in a…
  3. ianbukenya

    Unit 1

    WHAT IS ART? Our first task was to analyse the title “What is art?” We were given a series of videos which contained different versions of the answer to this title. The first video was made by a man called Leon Botstein. In this video he goes into…

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