1. iharris

    Motivational Poster for Colvin


    One thing I’ve always appreciated about Bunny Colvin’s character is his dedication to helping out these kids from Tilghman Middle School. He seemed legitimately distraught when the program was shut down. Still, I’d like to think that Colvin actually made a difference in some kid’s life while he was there.…

  2. iharris

    Bunny’s Resume


    Bunny Colvin’s spent most of his life working for the BPD. But after whole Hamsterdam fiasco and the ending of the Tilghman Middle School project, it’s time to go job hunting yet again. I used Bunny’s linkedin page that I created for him to make a sort of resume, based …

  3. iharris

    Daily Create: Ohai Mark


    Today’s daily create was to summarize a movie into two panels. I decided to pick one of my favorite movies, The Room. But then I kind of realized that there’s no way to really summarize this movie. It’s such a mess that there’s no plot to even focus on. So …

  4. iharris

    Bunny’s favorite musician


    While watching season 4, episode 10 of The Wire, I was surprised to hear Bunny listening to Billie Holiday. For such an important character, we seem to know so little about his personal life, such as his likes and hobbies. So for my second Bunny relayed assignment for the final …

  5. iharris

    All kinds of courage


    When I think of Bunny Colvin, I don’t really picture an artistic person. It’s challenging to think of assignments that relate to his role on The Wire. But a certain scene from Season 4 episode 11 inspired me.

    Word clouds seem to be a pretty big thing today. And so …

  6. iharris

    Weeks 11 + 12: Double Combo Wombo


    Two weeks in one! For the past two weeks we not only wrapped up video week, but we began preparations towards our final projects. My subject of choice was Howard “Bunny” Colvin from The Wire, and I’ll be creating a fictional narrative for him over various social media sites. At …

  7. iharris

    Wire Video Essay: Bunny and Carcetti


    To do my video essay on the Wire, I utilized the scenes from episode 11 of season 3, where Carcetti questions Bunny’s motives behind Hamsterdam. While the most memorable moment of this episode would no doubt be Stringer’s death, I still thought there were plenty of meaningful and artistic moments …

  8. iharris

    Daily Create: New Sheriff in Town


    For today’s daily create, we had to somehow change our pet. Since I always look for ways to show off my cat, I used snapchat to take a quick photo, and used the in app editor to dress him up as an old western sheriff. You can see the final …

  9. iharris

    Another guessing game


    Just like how I had a previous assignment where you had to guess a song played backwards, this time you have to guess the title of a book! As for clues, I used a Vine clip that illustrates the main components. I’ll also give one last hint: it’s a popular …

  10. iharris

    Daily Create: Antifilm


    An Andy Warhol inspired project for today’s daily create: Creae an “antifilm”. I guess in this case, it means create a film depicting the mundane. I decided to film myself doing the practically everyday (in the first world at least) activity of typing away on the computer. What was I …

  11. iharris

    Looking, Listening, and Analyzing The Wire


    After reading Ebert’s article on reading movies, I set out to analyze a selected short scene from The Wire, season 3, episode 8. Here, Stringer starts to build up financial connections through Senator Clay Davis.

    When it comes to the artform of cinematography, there are intentions behind both the …

  12. iharris

    Daily Create: Sleepy pug


    Since everyone seems to be showing off their sleepy pets for today’s daily create, I decided to join in with a picture of my girlfriend’s pug, Pugsley. This pic was pretty easy to get since he’s always sleeping anyways. We gave him a blanket to make him extra comfy though.…

  13. iharris

    Week 9: The Fellowship of Inspiration


    This week, rather than focus on an element of art or storytelling, we turned to the works of our fellow classmates. The biggest presentation of such was our radio show, which aired on Tuesday. Our group is very happy with the happy and satisfied comments we received concerning the broadcast. …

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