1. irshaad1207

    Lessons From A Bad Breakup


    When I was 20, my girlfriend of a few months told me she kissed a guy who she had insisted, for weeks, was only a friend. It wasn’t the first time my heart was broken. And my time with her was short lived in comparison to my relationship before her.……

  2. irshaad1207

    Loveless Love


    This is a poem written by a close friend of mine. He doesn’t often write poetry but he recently got his heart broken and that inspried him to write a poem about how he feels. I don’t usually post other people’s work on my blog but the fact that he……

  3. irshaad1207

    The Snow


    Inescapable whiteness envelopes the shades of color outside my window brown branches burdened by the weight black tires on the streets—motionless green grass buried beneath the snow rose petals collapse blood on a white canvas the sun will melt it away but it’ll still remain there is nothing pure about……

  4. irshaad1207

    The Human Mind


    It was almost christmas and I went to my mother to save me from my terrible habit of forgetting to buy gifts. My mom always has a gift packed up somewhere in the houses for just about anyone. And she always comes to the rescue when I’m pressed for time……

  5. irshaad1207

    Why Do Suicide Bombers Kill Themselves?


    Today, I saw this interview with a child. He would go on to commit suicide and take the lives of many in the process. He was one of many in a long list of young suicide bombers. Watching the interview made me think about why anyone would give up their……

  6. irshaad1207

    Art Review


    A Journey of Epic Proportions: “From Here To There” is an exhibition at Agora Gallery showcasing the works of 17 artists from around the world. The art of the exhibition serves two purposes: it takes the viewer on a cultural journey and an internal journey. The cultural journey is the……

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    The HIV/AIDS epidemic was a death sentence about a decade ago. However, thanks to the progress in modern medicine, those suffering from HIV can now have a longer life expectancy than ever before. There has been incredible medical progress throughout the years, but the social progress still has a far……

  8. irshaad1207

    Citibank Networking Event


    At 1 CT Square W, Long Island City, stands a majestic building. On the 50th floor is a room accurately entitled ‘citi-view’. In this room, CUNY students had the opportunity to interact with both younger and senior employees at Citibank. I entered the elevator with two students, one from Baruch……

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    The situation in Allepo right now is heartbreaking. Milions are being salughted by bombs that are dropped by the syrian government. I remeber talking to a friend once about war, and trying to discuss why innocent people always seem to die. He said that they were pawns. Terrorists would intentionally……

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    I held my elder brother’s hands as we hid in the mountains. He stared into the distance But I kept my eyes firmly stationed on the ground like I was told to. “Why don’t they like us?” My eyes still fixed on the dirt. “Because we’re the enemy” “Why are……

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