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    As the semester comes to a close I can honestly say that I did learn alot this semester. From creating different kinds of GIFs on different platforms and different ways, photoshop tricks, building a website & wordpress. To keep myself motivated to posting things I also created an Instagram for my …

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    So apparently I’m a triplet?


    Just kidding! My mother saw when I was working on the multiply yourself tutorial, and jokingly suggested instead of there being 2 of me why not there be 3. So I thought I would step up to the challenge even though this was a little more difficult because there was …

  3. isaflor13

    My New Domain Name!


    It was a long process to finally pick my domain name, I did not realize how common my name was! I previously own www.isabelflores.me so that one was out of the question. I was trying to find my name under a different website extension but they were all taken by …

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    DS106 – What I’d Like to Learn


    Looking through the DS106 Assignments one that I would like to learn how to do is Assignment Mash It And Make It. I always thought 3D printing is so cool, so to see a creation come to life would be even better. To accomplish this project, I think all I …

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    DS106 – Multiply Yourself


    I chose to multiply myself from the DS106 Assignments, because I thought it would be pretty cool to see a clone of myself in a photograph. It’s pretty funny to look at also! To create my long lost twin I took two photographs of myself in the same location while …

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