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    Behind the Scenes: The Murder Most Foul


    I chose to do a little behind the scenes for my final just to discuss how everything was done. I was going to put it in the most with my final, but I thought that would be kinda distracting/annoying. To begin, I first thought of a general story line which …

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    How Do I DS106?


    So this post is for all the newbies in the new DS106 class or those of you that joined of your own free will. During the course of the semester, these are some things that I learned/ thought everyone would like to know:

    Just because you aren’t very artistic does…
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    The Final Product


    I’ve been thinking about the final project throughout the week and trying to figure out what I want to do. I was watching some SVU and How To Get Away With Murder, and thought that it would be cool to do a murder mystery type thing with a twist.

    To …

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    Google Map Trip


    For my last web assignment this week, I had to make/plan a story and use google maps to tell it.

    My story begins with my cousin Brandy from Switzerland coming to visit. She hasn’t been to the US in about 7 years, so we decided to plan a trip to …

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    Stories in Creations


    I decided to make my story about the two lovely people in the photo from the daily create Thursday. George is comforting Martha after they’ve had a fight about where to go on vacation. George wants to do a stay-cation, but Martha would rather go somewhere new and exciting. George …

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    Dream European Vacation


    For my next assignment, I chose to create my dream vacation in the form of a Pinterest board. I have a Pinterest obsession, so this was not hard to do. I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Europe and visit a few different countries. I’ve specifically always wanted to …

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    Relationship Map


    For this assignment, I had to create a relationship map of whatever I wanted. I chose to do my family and friends. I created different sections for myself and my friends. I created the UMW and Roomies loop to show the connection between my friends and I. I played …

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    Dabbling In Web Design


    For my web re-design I decided to use an Amazon page of a cookbook and change it to be opposite of what it should be. I used the cookbook Healthy Cookbook for Two and made it an unhealthy cookbook. I changed the name of the book to Unhealthy Cookbook For …

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    Week TWELVE!


    This week was really fun! I enjoyed the mashup assignments a lot. I thought they were a little more enjoyable than some of the others. That being said they were definitely a little more work than other assignments, but it was fun, so I didn’t mind. For one of my …

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    Two Creations


    This week, we were tasked with doing 2 daily creates. I chose to do a negative space drawing and to show the power of 4 with art.

    My negative space drawing was done using some leaves I found outside of my boyfriend’s house. I placed them on a paper and …

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    Word Cloud


    For my second remix assignment, I created a word cloud and included some words in French as well. I used text from my own Facebook site and a french paper that I had to write as well. I played around with the color a little bit and ended up …

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    I Mustache You to Read This


    For my next assignment, I chose to write a review of a product in a fun way/ tells a story about the product. I did a remix on the assignment and was tasked with somehow incorporating a mustache into the assignment. So I decided to do a review of …

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    The Beatles Go to the Lake


    My next mashup assignment involved changing up an iconic album cover. I chose to use the Abbey Road album cover and made the street water and the crosswalk a wooden bridge they have to walk across. I used GIMP again for this assignment. I changed the color of the road …

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    Capital Wizards


    For my next assignment, I chose to mashup two different sports team logos. I decided to use the curly W for the nationals and the Wizards logo for mine. I’m not super into sports so I just asked a friend what his two favorite sports were  and decided to …

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    Chandler Mashup


    For this assignment, I had to create a mashup of one of my favorite characters and some scenes they have been in. I chose to do Chandler from Friends because he’s awesome. I chose a bunch of my favorite scene’s of him. My all time favorite is when he …

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    Video Week Part 2 (I think…)


    So this was a fairly laid back week for us all I think. I chose to do the video show which I think was a lot less stressful than doing a ton of video assignment stars, but that may be because I like the video assignments the least. We had …

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    The Puppet Show


    So we finished filming and editing the puppet show and it turned out alright! We had a little trouble with some of the sound because we were outside, but it turned out okay. As I mentioned in the post before, we are in some of the shots because we had …

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    3 New Creates


    This week, we had to do 3 daily creates (as everyone knows, I’m sure). I did Wednesday, Thursday and Friday’s creates, though Friday was a day late.

    For Wednesday, we got to create an ACME product for the Coyote. I chose to put a new spin on a stopwatch and …

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    Week 10: A Week Full of Videos


    This week was an interesting one. I had a rough start to the week with my grandpa in the ICU so I was a little distracted and it took me a little bit to get to all my assignments. Good news is I was still able to do almost everything.…

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    Going Out On the Town


    So as you know if you’ve read my post about our new video, The Travelin’ Gals are making a second debut in a spoof of a Parks and Rec episode Galentine’s Day. For our show, we are going to use our own characters, as puppets, in a Western town having …

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    Video Essay. Django Unchained.


    For my video essay, I chose to do the scene from Django Unchained where Shultz and Django are trying to save Broomhilda from Candie’s plantation. The scene uses a few different techniques to enhance the moment and the story. Here’s a little summary of what I thought:

    `The scene begins…
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    24/7 Lecture and More


    So this week we had to do 2 daily creates. I chose to do the National Bike to Work day create which was to make art with your bike. Since my bike is dead, I decided to draw some bikes. While my drawing skills are not the best, I thought …

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    SPOILER ALERT: The Prestige


    DO NOT WATCH IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE PRESTIGE. I LOVE this movie, which is part of the reason I chose it. That being said, don’t watch this if you haven’t seen it first, please! I I don’t want to be responsible for ruining it for you

    For this …

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    The Return of the Traveling Girls


    So my radio show group and I decided that since we had to much fun producing our radio show, why not continue and do a little puppet show. We are basing the show off of en episode of Parks and Recreation where Leslie Knope has a Galentines day ( in …

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    Week 9: Reviewing The Shows


    So as we were told in our weekly assignments, this week was pretty chill! I was relieved that we had a fairly easy-going time because last week I had a ton going on so it was nice that most classes were pretty relaxed this week. We had to do 3 …

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