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    Unit 6 Summary


    Overall, I really enjoyed unit 6 of DS106 as I feel I thrived in particular tasks due to my passion for Art and Design. Together with unit 5, I feel they have definitely been the most enjoyable segments of DS106. Not only due to the content, but fundamentally the growth …

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    Unit 4 : Ira Glass on Storytelling


    I watched parts 1 and 2 of Ira Glass on Storytelling to learn about his concept of oral storytelling. He described the strategy behind a good story, which consisted of what he referred to as ‘building blocks’. The first block is the anecdote, which is what creates the sequence of …

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    Unit 6 : Re-designing Posters


    This assignment involved re-editing existing content to change meaning orvisually represent an idea.To create these tasks, I used Photoshop to edit existing images. I particularly enjoyed the ‘DS106 Propaganda Posters’ task as I found changing the media of Propaganda within WW1 to propaganda for DS106 very interestingly challenging and enjoyable.…

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    Unit 3 Summary


    Up to now, this has been my favourite unit of the DS106 course, and I feel that if every unit is as enjoyable as this one, then I should have no problem with progressing through this course with an enjoyable attitude. I think I approached this unit with a completely …

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    Five Card Flickr Stories


    I decided to challenge myself and instead of creating my own 5 picture story, I have used the ‘general pool of photos’ option which randomly generates pictures, and then I have to tell the ‘story’. The screenshot above shows what the pool generated for me. So here it goes…


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    Summarise a Movie in Two Panels


    I really enjoyed doing this task as I really enjoy watching films and found that this method is a really effective way of conveying the most crucial parts of a film. I chose to use the film ‘Limitless’ for this task. One thing I have discovered from a handful of …

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    The Shape of Stories


    I actually really enjoyed analysing Kurt Vonnegut’s overview of the shape of stories, as it opened my mind to an entirely new theory of telling a story. In addition, I did see a lot of sense from it, and it helped me a lot with applying this concept to the …

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    Unit 2 Summary


    I found Unit 2 a little more challenging than Bootcamp as it required a lot more
    from me. Firstly, we were asked to customize our blogs. I read the different suggestive points in the section to spark some inspiration, and with that, I changed the theme of my blog to …

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    Unit 6 : Design Assignments


    Similarly to unit 5, the first formal assignment was to explore the assignment bank further. For this assignment, I decided to not use the generator to randomly select tasks for me, and actually pick ones that I feel that would be most interesting to me. I found that there was …

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    Unit 5 Summary


    This unit has definitely been my preferred one out of the whole of DS106 so far. It definitely challenged me, as I noticed that this unit was the most time consuming out of the 5 units; especially due to the assignment bank. Nonetheless, because I thoroughly enjoyed each task of …

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    Unit 5 : Visual Assignment Bank


    I found this task really enjoyable as it reminded me a lot of the Daily Create. I tried to challenge myself by using the device that randomly generates visual assignments for you. This made the task more interesting as I was given a point blank task and had to create …

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    Unit 5 : Photoblitzing


    Photoblitzing was quite an enjoyable task as it reminded me a lot of the Daily Create, in that it involved having to create something spontaneous in a short period of time. The task entailed having to take as many photos from the list as possible in 15 minutes. I gave …

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    Unit 2 – ‘Say it like Peanut Butter’


    This GIF is made from the film ‘Vanilla Sky’. If you ask me what is my favourite film, I find it so hard to come up with just one. So I thought I’d make a GIF of my most recently watched favourite film. I watched this film in late August …

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    Unit 1 – What is Art?


    For this unit, we were asked to watch and provide our outlooks on various YouTube videos regarding the subject matter ‘Art’. The first video I watched – I surprisingly enjoyed. The video takes the form of a traditional, lecture-based presentation depicting a particularly interesting outlook on Art. The lecturer; Bostein, …

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    Welcome to my blog!


    Hello world,
    I’m writing this post to mark my official start to blogging in year 2 Media Production! I’m just going to assume that not many people read my blog from year 1, so I’ll introduce myself again so that my readers (if I am to get any!) will have …

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