1. @JakeWaterma

    Weekly Summary 4


    This week we focused on Video Editing / “Reading” Movies. I learned a lot from Roger Ebert’s “How to Read a Movie”. The main points that I got out of it is his technique in pausing and analyzing movies and some of the themes we see in movies. Such as …

  2. @JakeWaterma

    “Video Crack”


    Process: I downloaded the song “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion and took a movie clip form Youtube with the Deathstar / Planet Destroyer 2.0 (or 3.0? I’m not sure how many they’ve made) destroying one of the planets from the newest Star Wars movie. I put them …

  3. @JakeWaterma

    College Snapshot – Orientation


    Process: I used Movie Maker to make this video of my Orientation. I got the photos from my IPhone, I moved them into an album and sent them from my Yahoo email to my School Email. I then uploaded all of the photos and took media from a Chillstep Remix …

  4. @JakeWaterma

    Look, Listen, Analyze


    I chose to do “The Joker Pencil Trick & Mob Scene” for my Look, Listen, Analyze assignment.


    Analyze the Camera Work:

    Everyone started around at once, to the right, as Joker walks in slowly. The camera shows the entire table staring up at the joker. The camera switches between …

  5. @JakeWaterma

    How to read a movie


    I read through Roger Ebert’s article on “How to Read a Movie”, his techniques on how to do it do seem practical and basic. His methods are a bit slow and seems to require an audience, to get a strong grasp of all the details in the movie you are …

  6. @JakeWaterma

    Imagine Dragons Mash Up



    I did a mash up using  Audacity to create a mash of Imagine Dragons – Redioactive and Arctic Monkeys – Do I Wanna Know? for my #3 Assignment for Audio Media.

    I took the two songs and imported them into the Audacity file and tore the original songs apart …

  7. @JakeWaterma

    Mix of XO-Loc Mashup



    I made a combination of two songs Location and Xo Tour Life, to show the different in beat and vocals. In Xo its a faster pace, with less sentimental lyrics but in Location it’s a slow beat and more emotional lyrics. Both these songs are at the top of …

  8. @JakeWaterma

    Sound Effects Story


    Using the audacity program, I took some sounds from the free sound cloud, taking small bits and putting it into a story without using words. I used one word throughout it though, “Taxi!” because I thought it was the best way to show that the person had traveled into the …

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