1. jamerive

    Assignment Idea


    Professor Bond gave me the idea to use part of my final project as an idea for future DS106 assignments! So I wrote up a short set of instructions for an assignment and posted it here!

    The assignment involves using Inform 7 to create a short game! In this …

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    Weekly Summary 15 — The End.


    Well, I can’t really say too much about this week other than goodbye to you all. It’s been a wonderful semester and I’ve truly learned a lot about the craft of digital storytelling!

    If you want to see some of the work I’ve done this week (aka the final project), …

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    Week 15: The Final Spookening – Final Project INBOUND.


    It’s here.

    To give you an idea of what my final project’s all about it, it’s this: Victor’s past is being revealed! Throughout this semester he’s been a real hard one to pin down and interview. What makes it even more difficult is that he doesn’t seem to talk much …

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    A test post (for now).


    I wanted to let you all know that your patience has been appreciated. While we’re all starting to wind ourselves up for that final stretch of exams, I wanted to give another update for my final project.

    I’ve finished my InkleWriter story, which will count as a Writing component for …

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    Week 13 Progress Report!


    Hi guys, I’m really excited to make this post because I’m just overflowing with ideas right now. I’ve been keeping things a little low key this week and, as of right now, I won’t be showing what I’ve been working on. BUT! I will let everyone know a little about …

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    This week was filled with mixes and mashes and remixes galore. After another challenging set of tasks, I sit before you all having become a stronger man.


    Please, enjoy the fruits of my labor.

    My Mashups!

    1. ) Emoji/Friend Mashup – Here.

    2.) This Doesn’t Belong Here – …

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    Metal Gear Solid (w/ Laugh Track)!


    For this assignment, labeled Inappropriate Laughter, I downloaded a cutscene from Metal Gear Solid and decided to add some laughter to it. I watched/listened to the entire video more than a couple of times and tried to find the best moments to fit in the laughter. I’d like to believe …

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    What’s a remix without a little Jack Nicholson? Victor recently decided he was going to start his own company and, being an avid fan of dental hygiene, figured he’d try his hand at the toothpaste trade. With Jack Nicholson’s permission, he released an ad based on The Shining. He wanted …

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    Emoji/Friend Mashup of the Week!


    I thought it’d be fun to do this assignment as one of my Mashup/Remixes! And, of course, I was right. The hardest part was actually trying to find a picture of my good friend Carter that would actually fit an emoji. Then inspiration struck me and I remembered some old …

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    Weekly Summary #11


    This week was filled with a lot of video and audio editing, but I can’t say that it wasn’t fun. I made all of these in Windows Movie Maker with audio courtesy of YouTube. Of the many assignments I chose to do to fulfill my star total of 16, I …

  11. jamerive

    High School Memories


    Not much is known about when or where Victor attended high school, but it’s become apparently clear that he shares a striking resemblance to a man named James Rives. Is there any connection there?

    That’s for you to decide.

    I mashed the photos together in Windows Movie Maker and converted …

  12. jamerive

    A Moving Object?!


    Victor seemed fascinated by the new mouse a friend bought him for his birthday. So much so that he decided to record a video of its fancy little lights.

    I used my iPhone 4 to record the video and then uploaded it to my laptop into Windows Movie Maker before …

  13. jamerive

    Selfie Story


    A day in the life of Victor: a rare glimpse, indeed.

    Little did anyone know that Victor was a student (or that he was so photogenic)!

    I used snapchat to save the images to my phone and caption them, then transferred the images to my laptop and inserted them into …

  14. jamerive



    I decided to try my hand at lip-syncing to my favorite song: What You Know by Two Door Cinema Club. I used Windows Movie Maker to record both audio and video and YouTube provided the audio.



  15. jamerive

    Tutorial: How to Create Your Own Lip-Sync Video!


    Hi everyone! Today I wanted to give a quick, written tutorial on how to create video of yourself lip-syncing your favorite songs! Now, you may be wondering how you’re supposed to start on such a daunting task… well, no worries! That’s what I’m here for.

    To begin, make sure you …

  16. jamerive

    Weekly Summary 10


    This week was one of my more creative ones, but it also got a little personal. I’m not a fan of video assignments, even after having to get down and dirty with some of them, but that’s largely due to my stagefright!

    Anyways, I did 10 stars worth of assignments …

  17. jamerive

    Video Essay


    Hi, everyone! For the next minute or so, I’d like to talk to you all about my experience with reading Roger Ebert’s essay ‘How to Read A Movie’.  I’ll do that by examining a scene. Now, as I think of a movie scene worth writing about, I’m reminded of the …

  18. jamerive

    I feel badly.


    This assignment was the Chipmunk Style. As the title may imply, I had to take a video clip and edit it by speeding it up or raising the pitch to make a scene found like chipmunks. For this, I used Windows Movie Maker’s editing tool to speed up the audio …

  19. jamerive

    A slow motion replay!


    One of my weekly assignments was the Slow Motion/Instant Replay! For this, I found  a video on YouTube titled “Scarlet Takes A Tumble” and inserted it into Windows Movie Maker. From there, I trimmed most of the clip (approximately the first 1:00 of it) and pasted a copy of the …

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    Dear 16 year old me…


    I saw this assignment and instantly knew that I wanted to do something with it because there’s a lot of advice that I could give a younger me. However, I decided to reign it in and focus more on keeping my head in the game regarding schoolwork in college.

    For …

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    Weekly Summary #9


    (And this one’s super on time!)

    This week was a light load, relatively speaking. My process with a lot of this week’s work was slow and steady. Much of my prep work was laid out earlier in the week and I rapid-fire finished everything that was left on Friday! It’s …

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    A t-shirt design like no other!


    Much like myself, Victor is also an avid fan of the series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (though only a select few know this). For one of his birthdays, a friend of his made him a shirt. To tell you the truth, it was Aaron! A mighty long five years ago, when …

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    I used the website Mobilefish.com to creat a wanted poster for a certain someone in accordance with this assignment!

    This poster was created long ago when a bounty was placed on a young James Rives’ head. Some rumors say that he’s been around for a long time and, in …

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    Have you ever seen those crime shows that organize a case using a suspect board? Like Scandal or Blacklist? Well, that’s exactly what this assignment is. You will create a suspect board (or a board that connects different characters) to show interaction between the people. Feel free to add text, …

  25. jamerive

    Radio Show Review! (Say that three times fast…)


    So, for this post I’ll take a moment to discuss a radio show that wasn’t my own! Pretty straight-forward, right? Much like the oh-so wonderful production of the Edward Creepy Show! Right off the bat, the showrunners gave us a fright and I can honestly say that I never knew …

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    Weekly Summary #8 — Radio Show = DONE!


    (Apologies for the lateness. This darn post just didn’t want to be posted!)

    This week was definitely work-filled. Like I said in my radio show progress post yesterday, that’s what I’ve been up to with my awesome group! We met twice and hammered out a lot of good material, with …

  27. jamerive

    Radio Show Progress, part 2 (there isn’t a part one?!)


    Hello again, everyone. As you may or may not have noticed, I’ve been out of commission for a little while! But fear not, I’m back and in full force. Last week me and my faithful group members (Nora, Aaron, and Kathi) worked hard on organizing everything for our group project. …

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