1. @jamesrxss

    Test Your Reactions


    Emoji’s are really fun, that’s plain and simple. They’re also pretty useful, and they’re used thousands and millions of times every single day. We even have 3D emojis now. Everyone I know uses them, even my dad. I use them, probably a little bit too much.

    There are hundreds to …

  2. @jamesrxss

    These Boots Are Made For Walking


    Vlogging is something that I’ve always toyed with the idea of doing. But who really cares about me, my life, and what I’m doing day to day? Ive got to say, I’m pretty boring! However, today I decided to film my day in a different way, all you can see …

  3. @jamesrxss

    Turns Out I Can’t Draw Either


    So, I’ve always fancied myself as a bit of a doodler, thought I wasn’t too bad at all. I thought today, I’d put that to the test. Oh how I regret that.

    What a bloody mistake, I can’t draw for toffee, there is literally nothing that I am good at …

  4. @jamesrxss

    The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree


    So, the other week I made my first ever GIF using GIFFY. And now I bring to you, GIF number two.

    Im getting good at it, I have to say. I even added an effect this time to make my pen look like an etch-a-sketch – love it.

    I made …

  5. @jamesrxss

    Repeat After Me


    Many artists now a days find their fame on the internet, take Justin Bieber, for example. But how do they start?

    Most artists start by covering pre-existing songs and music online, to build up a following. This shows off their voice and talents to remix to a certain extent, but …

  6. @jamesrxss

    We’re All Friend’s Here


    Billboards are found all over in America, but not very often in the UK. Often, on social networking sites such as Facebook, memes are made from funny, supposedly real billboards. These funny or mildly offensive billboards, whether real or fake can often do wonders in helping a company or …

  7. @jamesrxss

    Now You’ve Lost Me


    I’m British, and basically it’s a long story but that somehow automatically enrols you in being a MASSIVE fan of the Great British Bake Off. (Pre Channel 4 I have to say, but that’s another story.

    Us British also seem to love going to a maze, whether it’s in …

  8. @jamesrxss

    Social Media Production


    Social Media Production is a tricky one, how do you actually define it? I suppose there are many ways in which you could define it. When I first started the TECH2002 Social Media Production module this year I would have given you the following if you asked for a definition.…

  9. @jamesrxss

    Total Darkness


    For today’s theme, I’m going minimalist.

    What exactly is minimalism?

    And – Why am I going minimalistic?

    Well, strictly, I’m meant to do ‘extreme minimalism’, however, that would mean a blank blog post, and that wouldn’t be very exciting for you to read now, would it? However, I think that …

  10. @jamesrxss

    Slow & Steady Wins The Race


    When delving into the realms of unusual pets, a Tortoise has to be up there as one of them, I would say. Despite this, I am close, personal friends with two tortoises; once owned by my Grandparents, and another owned by some family friends. My Grandparents’ is called Tilly (it …

  11. @jamesrxss

    Let’s Make a Start


    I want to start by welcoming you to this blog of mine, you’ll probably be aware that this blog is going to follow me and my journey through the social media module I’m taking as part of my second year studies on the Media Production BSc course at De Montfort

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