1. janellegelino

    Closing the Case of the Missing Noir Cat


    Ladies and gentlemen,

    After 2 weeks of this Noir Cat investigation, she has been found and returned safely to Miss Black. She previously was a client with House of Noir Getaways when she came to Jeffrey Davis with her problem. She stated that Miss Black had been an abusive owner …

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    Attention: Noir Cat Sightings


    Good evening everyone of noir106. My undercover photographer came through with several photos he had had taken of Noir Cat and it appears she is still on the run. He found her in Belize, Finland, and the Golden Coast, but what is peculiar about this situation is that she tried …

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    Missing: Noir Cat


    Missing: Noir Cat

    Just a normal day at the office when House of Noir Getaways received an email from Burtis informing us that Noir Cat is missing. She then asked if we had any knowledge of where Noir Cat was headed or rather, if we aided in her disappearance. This …

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    Week Eleven: Dark Web and House of Noir Getaways


    The House of Noir created their first agency this week: House of Noir Getaways. With our agency, anyone can make their noir disappearance possible. Our mission written by me, Sebastian Crane, is as follows: Our mission is to make your noir disappearance comfortable, convenient, and affordable. With our connections to …

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    House of Noir Search Engine (2 pts.)


    Here is a search engine that Janelle created for the House of Noir group, which incorporated the font of the classic film series “The Godfather.” The choice of this font reflects how the House of Noir is full of suspenseful twists and turns; we like to think that we lead …

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    My Exclusive Interview with the DS106 Crew


    Apologies about how my voice does not sound normal. This usually happens when I come down with a strong cold and the changing seasons got me feeling under the weather. I was at work for a few hours regardless and I was called in from The Chronicle to be interviewed …

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    Video Show Progress: My Flashback


    Recently I was a participant on the “Find Yourself a Noir Lover” on the House of Noir Channel. Melody Bay was looking for love and she had the chance to meet 3 bachelors, including myself. The following are the questions that were asked and my responses:

    We would all like
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    Week Nine: End of Radio, Beginning of Video


    This week concluded the radio show work and introduced video. To start off this week, I listened to the radio show “Get a Clue” and participated in the live tweeting session. My biggest praise I gave tot his show was the script. Each character had their own monologue and the …

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    “Notorious” Video Essay


    Doing this video essay was more difficult than I anticipated. Choosing a scene to analyze was the simple part, but put my notes into words for the audience was tricky. I chose the final scene of “Notorious” since I felt it contained interesting editing technique. There were distinctions I made …

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    Reflection on “House of Noir” Radio Show


    Creating this radio show was definitely a great experience. I would do something like this again in the future if given the opportunity. My favorite part about this experience is how much our group worked well together, despite our differing schedules. We all worked well together and for the most …

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    “Get a Clue” Radio Show Response


    This was was definitely on point tonight, especially with the script. I can’t say that enough. There are so many quotes I got from this radio show, I didn’t even get to write them all down. Here are some screen shots of some of the quotes and personal thoughts:


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    Who Inspired Me


    Typically with all of the work I have done so far, I would say that I did not search through others’ work for inspiration. Rather, I came up with everything on my own. But there are a few posts that did stand out among the others and therefore, serve as …

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    “The Steadfast Sleuths” Radio Show Response


    I absolutely loved this show. It was very well organized and had an interesting plot to it, especially with the whole mystery of what had happened to Sasha Kellogg. Being the creator of Sebastian Crane, I was extremely pleased with how this group utilized my character. He was believable in …

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    Week Seven Summary: Radio Days (Part Two)


    The House of Noir radio show is completed! I am very pleased with how it came altogether. I did have worries since we all had different schedules, which is natural in the college life. On Tuesday, most of the group was able to meet to discuss how the show would …

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    Radio Show Progress Week Two


    The second week of the radio show was not full of difficulties. On Tuesday, I was mostly planning out Sebastian’s section of the radio show. I was with the House of Noir radio show group and we each wrote out our portions of the show. We each decided to have …

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    “Stardust Airlines” Radio Commercial


    This is a fictitious airline company I created for the purpose of making a commercial for the radio show. I used 3 sounds from freesound.org for the airline, two sounds associated with an airplane (beep and landing) and the other was wind chimes used to make one think of the …

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    Week Six Summary: Radio Days


    The beginning of this week was very relaxed since the “House of Noir” group quickly decided on the concept for our radio show, which will feature our characters giving advice to callers. We were also asked to create a design for our radio show and I decided to stick with …

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    House of Noir: Radio Show Progress


    So far, this first week with the radio show work has been pretty fun. We first began by having a group discussion in a Facebook message about what the concept should be and we all felt that an advice show with our characters would work really well. To start thinking …

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