1. janryan

    GIF Portrait of Steve Carell


    In today’s assignment, we covered the “Gif the Portrait Project,” which was extremely fun to work with. Though, the process of making a gif was highly time consuming and complex, I, 100%, really enjoyed the process in making my project. I was actually surprised the fact that we …

  2. janryan

    Memes are Art


    I do believe that memes are a form of art. When creating a meme, people are able to express their creative side. Memes can be a way to express feelings through a simply image and context. With any image found on the internet, people can simply put words and create …

  3. janryan

    Initial Reactions about the Semester


    During my initial reaction towards class, and the semester, in general, I was pretty tired and bummed out, because, in my mind, I was saying to myself and thinking, “I can’t believe this Spring Semester is starting. I felt as though the Winter break went by fast.”

    When I entered …

  4. janryan

    Escaping Realities with Writing


    What makes me happy? Reading a very well-written, relatable poem. I highly enjoy reading poems, and honestly it is a great way to relate to any situation. Whether you are feeling stress from work, or feeling down on yourself, reading poems related to your situation actually helps me feel better.…

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