1. janryan

    Thank You CT101!


    Entering the class of CT101, I didn’t know what to expect. Honestly, before class, I was pretty nervous because I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to perform and adapt well in class. We were introduced with Adobe Photoshop. As soon as I notice we were going to use …

  2. janryan

    Discovering New Websites


    In this assignment, we got the opportunity to explore and discover each other’s websites. Honestly,  I am really impressed with everyone’s unique content, showcasing their artistic works and talents.

    One website that I really enjoy exploring was https://wingmanvivianho.com/. I am really interested in exploring photography, and the images and …

  3. janryan

    Vapor Wave Creation


    In today’s class, we learned how to create Vapor Wave! Vapor Wave helped showcase creative works and ideas, which was extremely fun to work on. The process of working on my Vapor Wave was to find all types of pictures that I thought looked nice and also appealed to …

  4. janryan

    Creating my Own Domain


    Last week in class, I have finally created a domain! My domain name is called worksofjan.com. There, I will post many different works from me, such as poems and photography. Feel free to comment and offer feedback for me, that way I can use it and improve as time …

  5. janryan

    GIF Portrait of Steve Carell


    In today’s assignment, we covered the “Gif the Portrait Project,” which was extremely fun to work with. Though, the process of making a gif was highly time consuming and complex, I, 100%, really enjoyed the process in making my project. I was actually surprised the fact that we …

  6. janryan

    Memes are Art


    I do believe that memes are a form of art. When creating a meme, people are able to express their creative side. Memes can be a way to express feelings through a simply image and context. With any image found on the internet, people can simply put words and create …

  7. janryan

    Initial Reactions about the Semester


    During my initial reaction towards class, and the semester, in general, I was pretty tired and bummed out, because, in my mind, I was saying to myself and thinking, “I can’t believe this Spring Semester is starting. I felt as though the Winter break went by fast.”

    When I entered …

  8. janryan

    Escaping Realities with Writing


    What makes me happy? Reading a very well-written, relatable poem. I highly enjoy reading poems, and honestly it is a great way to relate to any situation. Whether you are feeling stress from work, or feeling down on yourself, reading poems related to your situation actually helps me feel better.…

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