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    Assignment Rework


    This week I took a look back at some of the assignments I have completed for the course.

    I knew I wanted to rework a visual assignment, so I figured my visual assignment to make a movie poster silly would be a perfect fit.

    The original directions for that assignment: …

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    Weekly Summary #8


    This week my group (Rogue Agents) met for the first time, planned out our radio show, recorded, and finished a day early! This has been quite the week, so let’s dive a little deeper!

    Daily Creates

    As I have stated before, daily creates are my absolute favorite. They allow me …

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    Rogue Agents Present: Radio Show Update #2


    This week, my amazing group met for the first time in person. We met in the library on Monday to organize and plan out our radio show.

    Our meeting was very successful, we were together for nearly two hours. We finalized our idea on having our spy characters participate in …

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    Daily Creates


    As always, I started my week off right… with some daily creates!!

    My first daily create challenge was to show the view outside my window. Honestly, I didn’t have a great view that I wanted to share, but the week before was spring break, and I had many views I …

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    Sounds of my day


    Directions for this assignment were: Record different sounds throughout your day. It can be as long or as short as you’d like. When you finish, combine them into one long sound of your day! Upload it to SoundCloud

    Throughout the day, I managed to record a few sounds such as: …

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    How about a tongue twister?


    For this assignment, I shared a tongue twister and added some fun background music to it. Take a listen:

    I recorded the audio on audacity and then paired it with a fun beat I found on freesound.org…

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    Jess Carter’s Real Houswives Tagline


    For this assignment, I decided to make my secret agent the new star on the Real Housewives series. I included her slogan “every artist starts out an amateur” and altered it to fit the show and making her a bit arrogant. This was really fun! I added some background music …

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    Radio Show Design Project


    This week, we began brainstorming our radio show! My group decided on creating a Mr. & Mrs. Smith type encounter with our spies, and we will have them play two truths and a lie. All spies will be acting “undercover” and must try to avoid having their cover blown.

    My …

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    Daily Creates


    Daily create 1

    This daily create didn’t require an image but instead was asking me to share what I would do with a month away from all tech in a cabin in the woods. Here was my response (it didn’t take me long to figure this one out):

    #tdc2602 #ds106

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    Radio Show Progress


    Meet our team:

    Jasmine Alanis, Hannah Duncan, and Morgan Roane

    Spy characters:

    Scott Wilton, Megan “Flaire”, and Jess Carter

    Weekly update:

    This week our teamed formed and we started our google doc to brainstorm ideas and contribute our parts. So far, our main idea for our radio show is to …

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    The image was created by TekstArtist. I actually own this poster, so when I saw the category for typography in the designblitz, I knew I wanted to include it! The image is entirely made up of letters. It actually is made up of letters from the this quote:…

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    Charity Ad


    Directions: Create an ad to inform people about a charity and encourage them to donate. It can be a real charity or you can make one up!

    I created this poster on Canva. I found a layout that was already advertising for cancer research, and I used that as a …

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    Missing: Jess Carter


    Directions: Create a missing posters flyer for a fictional movie/show character, made-up person, animal, or a real person. Be sure to include a picture, the name, characteristics, and last seen date and place. Let your imagination do the talking for this poster!

    I decided to include my secret agent for …

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    Minimalist Poster


    Directions: Create a tv/movie poster that captures the essence of the story through the use of minimalist design/iconography.

    I decided to create minimalist posters for Wall-E! Both images with created in Canva.

    With the first image, I wanted to stress the need to recycle and also keep the recognizable Wall-E …

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    Suspect: Jess Carter


    Directions: Create a suspect board and explain the story behind.

    I decided to include my secret agent character in this design assignment.

    I created the image on canva. I found the cork background on their elements page, and started including images I found by typing in “art,” “museum,” “money,” “new …

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    It’s all by design


    The reading by Maria Popova and Massimo Vignelli were really insightful and helpful in thinking critically about design.

    The most impactful part of the article by Maria Popova that I wanted to re-share was:

    Graphic design needs your willing mental participation, even if it’s subconscious. Graphic design is message-sending into …

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    Daily Create x4


    Creation 1

    Directions for this daily create were to share literature, music, or a motion picture that I secretly love. This was a no brainer. Anyone and everyone around me knows I absolutely love the movie, The Iron Giant. I like to bring it up in conversation early on when …

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    Weekly Summary #5


    This week was so cool because I was able to step out of my comfort zone: audio editing. Wow was I nervous about this week, so let’s take a recap on my journey.

    Daily Creates

    This week I started off with the daily creates. Here are my creations and the …

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    Sick Beat



    Make a sick beat, using whatever you can find on freesounds.org, and whatever you can record around you! I don’t care how long it is, just get groovy dood.

    So I honestly thought I was going to be better at this… I dont know why. I have never in …

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    Jess Carter Voicemail Interview



    We’ve all had to create characters, now it is time to tell their stories. Tell a story pertaining to your character. This can be either from your character’s point of view or it can be told from the perspective of a narrator. Record yourself telling the story and add …

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    Tongue Twisters


    Directions for this assignment were as follows: Say any tongue twister as fast as you can and include a background sound to layer it. 

    “Betty Botter bought some butter
    But she said the butter’s bitter
    If I put it in my batter, it will make my batter bitter
    But a …

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    Sound Effect Story


    For my sound effect story, I wanted to continue off of another assignment I did earlier in the semester. That assignment had me tell a story through five pictures, so I told the story of how I make coffee. For this assignment, I told the same story but with sound …

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    DS106 Radio Reflection


    For the first night of the DS106 Radio, the two episodes had very contrasting sound quality. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to tweet along for any of the days, because I was working, but I was able to listen in. Something I found really interesting about this first listening experience was …

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    Radio Show Ideas

    Professor interviews: Have professors discuss how they ended up at Mary Washington, their journey, and then have them prove that they aren’t actually a secret agent using “Professor” as their cover story. They can also share the time they suspected someone was a secret agent, and how they handled that.…
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    Audio Storytelling

    How does sound drive stories?

    I think that sound plays a huge role in diving stories. Moon Graffiti does such a great job of this. The crashing noises to in indicate a much harsher impact of the landing on the moon. The crackling white noise that makes you feel as …

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