1. @jasmxlon

    Final Goodbyes


    Well, this last week was a wild ride. There were some ups and downs, we had some nice laughs, we cried (a little) and we made some good memories.

    You need to do a summary that uses digital media to explain the story behind the entire week? This post should …

  2. @jasmxlon

    3 Blind Mice — 5 Second Twist


    I completed this 4-star assignment and honestly, this was a lot more difficult than I expected.

    I think my biggest mistake was choosing this nursery rhyme, but also I felt like a lot of students were going to pick Ring Around the Rosie because of the well-known not-so-well-known truth behind …

  3. @jasmxlon

    A Word… A Picture… A Story


    Chose up to 5-10 words..just randomly pick them don’t over think it just chose these words out of the blue. Then do a Google image search on these images and chose one of the first visible photos for the word..after you have chosen your words and your images put them …

  4. @jasmxlon

    Let’s Learn! About Filming Techniques!


    I LOVE editing techniques. As someone who has dabbled with videography, I am a big fan on learning about the process of creating memorable projects.

    The first video I watched on editing techniques did a really good job at giving examples. Some scenes are familiar to me and at the …

  5. @jasmxlon

    Moon Graffiti


    Featured Image

    My initial thoughts on this are that it sounds like actual audio recordings from a cockpit.

    I think the editing with this is BEYOND amazing with all the special sound effects, not to mention HOW they sound.

    Obviously, the sound is way too clear and clean to be…
  6. @jasmxlon

    Reading Rainbow: Music Edition


    Featured Image  

    Tell us about your experience with audio coming into this class. What did you learn from what you looked at above? What resonated with you and what didn’t make sense?

    Coming into this class I have a lot of experience with music. I wanted to major in Music …

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