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    Tutorial for 800%


    This is a walkthrough of this assignment which requires you to slow a song down 800% too create an ethereal version.  It’s important to distinguish between expanding the song (which makes the tones lower) and slowing it down.  The process is simple, but requires an outside tool to do it.…

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    How to Make a Story Map


    The KnightLab Story Map is a fun way to tell the story of a trip in an organized manner.  I used this in my final project about a wanderer to help me tell their story from their various destinations.


    Click the “Make a story map now” button in the…
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    They Call Me the Seeker


    Stories are nothing until they are observed.  Whether they’re heard, seen, or even felt, stories are just thoughts and memories that drift until connected to others through observation.

    That was the role of the seeker.  To observe.  To search low and high for fifty million fables.  To see, hear, and …

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    Music Mash Up


    For the 10 Second Song Mash Up assignment, we had to take a couple of seconds from 4 or 5 songs and mash them together in a 10 second audio clip.  Here’s what I came up with:

    I didn’t want to just pick five random songs, I wanted to express …

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    Do This Every Day


    For the Signing Words assignment, we had to make a video of ourselves creating a word in sign language.  This is what I made:

    We’re supposed to let the viewer guess the word we make.  I chose a word that’s a very important thing to do every day, every hour, …

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    How To (Poorly) Play Guitar


    For the 30 Second Documentary assignment, we had to make a 30 second video without commentary as a documentary of sorts.  One of the suggestions on the assignment is showing what it’s like to do something you haven’t done before, and another is to show something you are terrible at.…

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    Jack Brooks: Not Monster Slayer 2015-11-01 22:17:02


    This scene from “Good Will Hunting” extensively uses single shots while the two characters are talking.  One character tends to always be on the right, the other the left.  It starts and ends with the camera in front of the characters, both in frame.  The shot changes between the characters …

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    Ebert and Angles


    Roger Ebert’s points of how the angle of a shot affects the tone of a scene in a movie is illuminating.  Most people watching films make no notice to the way a scene is shot, but it can have a significant impact on their emotion.  While I generally notice this …

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    Johnny Obvious Resume


    Johnny Obvious

    This is for the Character Resume assignment.

    Nobody else in the world can tell you the exact situation like Johnny Obvious can.  His unique skill set can benefit… somebody.  Maybe.  Probably.  More than likely he’ll just annoy people.  But you won’t find that in his resume.

    So for …

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    Digital Storyfellers Review


    The first segment of the show is well done.  The speaker speaks a bit too quickly, but the pace of the segment moves along at a nice pace.  The music in the beginning is a bit too loud as well.  The transition to the next segment is a little abrupt.…

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    Grumpy Desperados Show Review


    I was assigned to review the Grumpy Desperados Radio Show.

    First off, the sound mixing is poor, particularly in the closing segment.  The music is far too loud and made it difficult to understand the presenter.  On that point, the music chosen for it is out of place, not fitting …

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    Brooks and Brooks Consulting


    For the Radio Commercial assignment, we had to make a commercial we would put in a break in our radio show.  This is what I came up with:

    I based it off a bunch of lawyer firm commercials I had seen.  The name Brooks and Brooks is based on the …

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    Where We Challenge the Truth


    This assignment had us make a radio bumper for our groups radio show, where we had to inform the listener of what they were actually listening to.

    I tried to make it clear that our show is a little bit dramatic as we talk about things that come from the …

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    Tonight’s Ambiance


    For this assignment, we just had to take a song and slow it down so you just get the basic sounds of the song and make it sound ethereal.

    The song I chose I had just heard for the first time recently, but I thought it would fit pretty well …

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    Holding Back Tears


    “Two lovers met at a patio in the city.  He had a big surprise for her.  With Michael Jordan setting the mood with his keen guitar playing, he proposed to her.  She didn’t have to hesitate in her answer.  They kissed to celebrate their love.  His Airness couldn’t hold back …

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    Dream Within a Dream


    Inception is a fun thriller movie involving dreams.  And dreams within dream.  And dreams within dreams within dream.  You get the point

    For the Minimalist movie poster assignment, it took me a while to think of a movie that could be summed up minimally.  Eventually I decided on Inception because …

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