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    So I found a few things I think showcase basic elements of design.

    First off, this Nationals poster I have demonstrates proportion.  The purpose of the poster is to highlight the best moments of the 9 seasons of the Nationals’ history.  It’s difficult to read the words, but the purpose …

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    Where’d the Donuts Go?


    “So I bought a big case of donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts to celebrate me getting my fishing license.  There was seriously around 30 donuts in this thing.  So imagine my surprise when I wake up in the morning to discover they’re all gone.  My first instinct?  Ghosts!  My logical instinct?  …

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    The Complexity of Design


    Reading just the first few paragraphs of Massimo Vignelli’s “The Vignelli Canon” makes it clear just how much thought and effort goes into those small symbols and signs we tend to think nothing of.  It’s incredible how many intricacies there are in the world of design.

    The first part on …

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    Getting Better at Photos


    All tips credited to David deChemin.

    Change My Perspective By Changing Yours:

    This image of the side of my closet door was taken basically on my knees.  It provided a better perspective of how this photo could be called deep and interesting.  It helped that the lines on the …

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    Troll Quote


    Now this is an interesting assignment.  We’re meant to take a photo of a famous figure, put a quote from a separate, related figure, and attribute it to yet another separate, but related figure.  For this one I decided to break out the nerdy stuff (I managed to hold it …

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    Album Cover


    For this assignment, we were given a random Wikipedia article, a page of random quotes, and a random flickr image.  We needed to combine these things into an album cover.  Here’s my result.  The article name, which is supposed to be the band name, is in the lower left corner.  …

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    So for this assignment, we had to make as many augmented versions of something in our house.  I chose this (totally copyright free) jar of Planters peanuts:

    Now I can imagine somebody might really kind of despise peanuts.  Just starts screaming at the sight of them.

    I could also imagine …

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    Best of Set


    That wasn’t very hard.

    Really, I only chose these photos because I like them the best.  I have my apple photo from my photoblitz I like because of how neat it turned out when I didn’t intend it to be so.  I have my poem from that one daily create …

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    I chose to do the photoblitz in my house at around 9:00 pm when it was dark and you can’t see anything outside because I meant to do it on campus but forgot to, and instead said screw it, I’ll just do it now.  My house has a lot of …

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    This was a pretty simple assignment.  I took a quote from a famous tech developer, and tried to put a bit of feeling where I feel like it should be.  to what success, I don’t know, but it felt good saying it.…

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    Sound Story


    The story told through sounds of a pianist coming on stage to perform for many people before waking up from his dream.

    I didn’t just want to put a bunch of random sounds and hope someone could just make something up to call it a story, so I went with …

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    Conveying the process of wonder and coming to a realization.

    I picked the emotion of wonder because I thought it could be interesting to try to represent that process in sound.  Creating it was as simple as finding various sounds on freesound.com by looking up “wonder” and other synonyms and …

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    On “Talking to Machines”


    Radiolab’s “Talking to Machines” used audio very effectively to convey its story.  Various techniques are used throughout the production, most notably the use of overlapping voices to maintain a steady momentum to the story.  Sound effects and music were used as well, setting the mood for the more exciting parts …

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    On Audio Storytelling


    I feel like audio stories best relate back to what I said in the previous blog post on storytelling of how a good story (at least to me) is when a storyteller can immerse the viewer through their words or presentation.  Ira Glass talked about this in his videos, how …

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    Reflection of Photo Stories


    The Five Card Flickr Stories is a pretty fun challenge.  It’s not easy creating a beginning, middle, and end to a story in five randomly assorted pictures.  I tried to pick 5 that I could easily connect from the each other, or at least a reasonable path to which.  I …

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    On “The Final Story”


    I liked this story because of the relation it creates to the actual time gap between Disney film releases and Pixar ones.  I can tell the creator spent a lot of time on the various resources for the story, all of which were clever.  Shes makes it a digital story …

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    Ups and Downs of Comedies


    Kurt Vonnegut’s way of simplifying stories into a single line graph could be easily used to explain the trajectory of many comedy films.  As it is explained in grade school language arts classes: tragedies start well and end horribly and comedies start bleakly but end brightly.  As an example I’ll …

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    What is storytelling


    Storytelling has many different definitions depending on who you ask.  It’s as much a concept as it is an action.  Personally, storytelling to me is the idea of implanting settings and characters into one’s head, fictional or not.  A good storyteller can immerse the listener in their words or images, …

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    Weekly Summary 2


    This week’s tasks were a little more intimidating than last week’s.


    I completed the GIF (http://jackochikatana.com/uncategorized/people-always-say-the-same-thing-visual-assignment-1/)

    a reflection (http://jackochikatana.com/uncategorized/reflecting-the-knowledge-at-you-wesch-reflection/)

    and customizing the site.

    I also did four daily creates.


    I had difficulty finding ways to write my thoughts on the talks into words.  They were pretty complex subjects …

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    Reflecting the Knowledge At You (Wesch Reflection)


    I don’t know the first thing about anthropology, but I do know a good amount about technology and being an unmotivated, apathetic student.  Michael Wesch’s talk about using new media in the classroom to keep student’s interested in learning and making them “knowledge able” instead of just knowledgeable left me …

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    Exciting Place


    I haven’t traveled too much in my time, unfortunately.  One place that does stand out was the Smithsonian Museum I’ve visited on occasion in Washington, DC.  It’s a place of great culture and education, and I’d recommend a visit to anyone with a remote interest in arts and history.

    I …

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    Weekly Summary #1


    I didn’t have a very difficult time with the first assignment.  I managed to create all of my accounts and set up my blog with little trouble.  The only difficult thing was thinking of a name for my domain.  I ended up going with the first word that popped in …

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