1. @jc0ll

    Instant Replay


    This blog is my submission to the Instant Replay! assignment. There are many other assignments within the video assigment bank on the d1s06 website, however this caught my attention the most.

    There is a huge variety of video assignments, this caught my attention the most because it is a light …

  2. @jc0ll

    Mountain Cover


    This is my submission to the create An Album Cover  visual assignment found on the ds106 site. This assignments difficulty is rated 3 out of 5 stars.

    I chose to do this assignment because it has quite a unique structure which I liked. To complete the process of making an …

  3. @jc0ll

    Let’s GIF Moving!


    This GIF has been created following the Say It Like the Peanut Butter DS106 assignment. I created this GIF using a great site called GIPHY. This post should also feature on the main ds106 site by using the correct tags ‘VisualAssignments & VisualAssignments2’

    The aim of the assignment was …

  4. @jc0ll

    Caption Challenge!


    The Daily Create task I have chosen this time is TDC1774. The aim of the task was to caption a spooky image with whatever creative choice of words I can think of.

    This was another fun, simple Daily Create and the caption I decided to give the photo was …

  5. @jc0ll

    Modern 80’s Daily Create


    This graphic was created using Retro Wave on a website called PhotoFunia. This graphic is a response to TDC1775.

    The aim for this daily create task was to create a specific image of something from this era but in a classic 1980’s style.

    My text on the graphic reads …

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