1. jcpds106

    I’d like to apply please




    So, Bev sent me this assignment earlier to create and upload my resume. I guess she’s decided I need some qualifications in order to work for our new company. I guess I could have fluffed it up a bit, but I think honesty is the best policy, so …

  2. jcpds106

    A few questions…


    I organized a meeting with a few people who I thought might be able to help me out and provide a bit of protection, or at least some guidance. I’ve just been so jumpy recently after all my run-ins with Bev and all the things she has told me..

    Anyway, …

  3. jcpds106

    Hey, stranger – Daily Create, March 29



    “So when an elderly woman directed a comment at him about all the trash on the street?—?the kind of thing most of us nod at vaguely and tune out?—?he engaged. Another student was more impulsive, striking up a conversation with the woman in front of him at a …

  4. jcpds106

    The final unit


    After much contemplation and discussion, I have decided that for my final unit I will be working with a close friend, Mariah a.k.a. Bev. We’ve already been working together a lot, and I think we will be able to continue telling our characters’ story this way. I’m looking forward …

  5. jcpds106

    Chasing Damon




    Well, I was returning home from a long day of work the other day (I was taking care of the dogs I walk during the day), and it was fairly dark out. I’m usually not scared in these instances, but something felt eerie this evening. It seemed to …

  6. jcpds106

    Setting the tone




    For my last video assignment this week, I wanted to do this one because I think it captured a lot of really important aspects of film that we’ve been studying and practicing these past two weeks. 

    As I worked on my videos, I learned that film and specific …

  7. jcpds106

    Damon catches up with himself





    I caught up with myself this evening. Lately I’ve been feeling conflicted, as thought I’m not even able to speak to myself. I’m trying to work out everything that’s going on, but if I can’t even admit the truth to myself, how can I continue on?

    Ever …

  8. jcpds106

    Video Essay



    In my video essay, I look at one of the opening scenes of Mildred Pierce, in which a lot of interesting cinematography tricks are used to set the tone of the movie and introduce the audience to what they’re about to experience. …

  9. jcpds106

    Done in 60 Seconds



    Okay, so my days are definitely not 60 seconds, and this assignment definitely took much longer than 60 seconds, but, hey, the title worked, so I went with it.

    The hardest part here was remembering to actually film things throughout the day to use in this video. I kept …

  10. jcpds106

    Nighttime fear


    I’ve definitely been intimidated by these video assignments, but this one allowed me to incorporate one of my favorite things: poetry. I also knew after watching the example version that this would be a great opportunity to use my character as part of the story.

    Picking up where we last …

  11. jcpds106

    Radio Review: ‘Dinner Party at 6?


    Tonights ds106radio show, “Dinner Party at 6,” was a very unique retelling of Clue, the Movie with a ton of noir additions that really spiced up the action. Overall, I thought the show was funny, compelling, and extremely well done. The large number of people in the group surely made …

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