1. Jennifer G. Hall

    Boar’s Hill


    A few weeks ago I went with a new friend up to see the view of Oxford from Boar’s Hill. We left around 6 am and walked for about an hour in the dark. The sun was just beginning to rise when we reached a field with some cows. We …

  2. Jennifer G. Hall

    Blenheim Palace and Cotswolds


    I’m trying to catch up on my blogging today because I turned in an essay yesterday and don’t have one due for two weeks – so YAY. That means there are going to be a bunch of posts coming at you.

    First up:

    Blenheim Palace and Burton-on-the-Water

    I went on …

  3. Jennifer G. Hall

    A Very American Morning


    This morning I woke up craving an Egg McMuffin. So off to McDonalds I went. I brought my laptop along to find a place to study and after I finished my delightfully greasy breakfast I noticed that the Starbucks was advertising their Christmas drinks. I LOVE the toffee nut latte…so …

  4. Jennifer G. Hall

    Aaaaaaand I quit the rowing team


    We’ve had practice twice now and both times not enough people have shown up for us to go on the water. I guess it’s not surprising since I’m in the lowest-level boat, but it’s a bit disappointing. But I would much rather have my Saturdays free to travel and study …

  5. Jennifer G. Hall



    I just really stressed out the woman at the cafe by ordering a plain bagel with cream cheese.

    “You don’t want any cucumber?
    Not even some black pepper?”

    “No, just cream cheese please.”

    Blank stare.…

  6. Jennifer G. Hall

    My Halloween Pumpkin


    I love Halloween. I also love corgis. So tonight I combined these two loves into an amazing corgi Halloween pumpkin! (Several people asked if I had a corgi and I had to respond that no, no I do not. I just really really really like them.) Anyway, without further ado …

  7. Jennifer G. Hall



    Me in my subfusc and in front of the Bridge of Sighs

    Yesterday I matriculated at Oxford. Basically, matriculation is like opposite graduate.

    You wear silly outfits called subfusc, and you go to the Sheldonian Theater. Then the Vice Chancellor says a couple sentences in Latin, and then you’re admitted!…

  8. Jennifer G. Hall

    I joined the rowing team


    Yes, I decided to join the rowing team. Because it’s Oxford. And because working on my masters, working 20 hours a week, and working on my novel are not enough things.

    It’s not actually as crazy as it sounds. I asked to join the “C-boat” (so like, the third string …

  9. Jennifer G. Hall

    Oxford Freshers Fair


    Today I attended the Oxford Fresher’s Fair, which is where you sign up for clubs and stuff. It was insane! There were tons of organizations and booths and they sort of herd you through all the booths.

    I signed up for a ton of ridiculous things. Here is just a …

  10. Jennifer G. Hall

    My Biggest Challenge

    so far has been buying laundry detergent. None of the brands are familiar, and they’re divided into categories called “bio” and “non-bio” which means nothing to me. Here’s hoping I don’t destroy all of my clothing……
  11. Jennifer G. Hall

    Cafe # 4 – Pret A Manger


    I read at Blackwell’s cafe the other day but forgot to take a picture. So that was reading spot 3.

    This morning after work I stopped in at Pret for a hazelnut latte (not sweet enough for me) and a chocolate croissant (that was sweet enough!). Now I am waiting …

  12. Jennifer G. Hall

    Ack I’m Already Behind


    Ugh I knew this would happen! Blogging is hard. But, in my defense, I’ve spent the last week doing a variety of crazy activities. Here are the major highlights:

    1. I made some friends (hi new friends!) 2. I got a job 3. I bought a bike so I can…
  13. Jennifer G. Hall

    Back in the Dorms


    Well, not exactly, but pretty much. Technically I guess it’s a flat, sort of. But let’s be honest, it’s a dorm. There’s a kitchen that is completely empty except for an electric kettle (because tea, duh) and a teeny tiny bathroom that smells like hay for some reason. But the …

  14. Jennifer G. Hall

    Scotland Votes “No” – Probably Good for the UK, Bad for Me

    Scottish flag from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_Scotland

    As some of you may recall, I spend the fall / winter of 2010 studying in Edinburgh. I had some mixed feelings about Scottish independence, but I was definitely enjoying the pretty favorable  exchange rate caused by a weak pound.

    Alas, Scotland voted “NO” to independence …

  15. Jennifer G. Hall

    No One Wears Bathrobes in England


    I spent an hour tonight googling various combinations of “bathrobe Oxford” “where to buy a bathrobe,” “bathrobe cheap,” and “does no one wear bathrobes in England?” Apparently the answer is no, no they do not. They wear dressing gowns. It explains why all my results came back with Jedi robes

  16. Jennifer G. Hall

    Settling In


    Well, I arrived in Oxford on Tuesday, and I’ve been settling in since then. What does settling in involve? Mostly shopping.

    I thought I would be able to buy most of the things I needed at thrift stores, but all the downtown thrift stores are like…nice. I just want some …

  17. Jennifer G. Hall

    Introduction to Storytelling


    (This was the oldest, fattest looking book I could find for free reuse. LOVE.OLD.BOOKS.)

     In the past two months at my job I’ve done a little bit of teaching. (I am an instructional technologist after all.) I’ve worked with professors who didn’t know what google was, and I’ve helped students …

  18. Jennifer G. Hall

    Self-hosting…Part 2


    So, after my post earlier this evening, I got excited and decided to go ahead and say “oh whatever” (no seriously I said it out-loud.)

    I signed up in about 3 seconds for Bluehost. Of course, I picked the cheapest plan without reading anything carefully.


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