1. jennyl

    CT101 Final Blog Post Jenny Lam


    Wow I can’t believe it, semester is ending. I really can’t take it all in. This semester has flew by.

    I truly loved this class. It was so much fun, although we had to switch online, it was still so much fun to make our own websites. I have never …

  2. jennyl

    Panoramic storytelling Part 1


    A little late on posting but I just been so busy with work and just everything. I hope everyone is doing okay and safe.

    In class we learned how to do panoramic images on our phones. I thought it was super cool because I never knew you could do this …

  3. jennyl

    Feelings about the class


    I only have two more semester before I graduate from York College

    I was looking for a class that I would be able to learn to create something. I didn’t want another class where the professor just read off the powerpoint. My other classes, my classmates look like…

    I wanted …

  4. jennyl

    Are memes art?


    With today’s society, I think memes have become a huge part of how an individual expresses themselves, it helps an individual show they feel. As time goes, technology is growing rapidly and especially with really advanced apps and machines. With the media, memes are an impact in the online world. …

  5. jennyl

    What Makes Me Happy


    What I love the most about the internet, is being able to live through others. For instance, if you want to travel but can’t afford it at the moment, on social media platforms, I’m able to see how other travels. I can look at other eat foods, I have never …

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