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    WE UPLOADED OUR FIRST FEW POSTS! After hours and hours of cropping and editing all our photos we were able to post the first few letters of the alphabet.

    We posted all the way up to V which has made me very excited to finish the project finally! We have …

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    Editing away.. #VLF18


    We’ve had another few meetings about the progress of the page and I think its going well! We’ve added a few more promo shots to the Instagram stories which is great as its keeping our current followers interested in what is coming up during the project.
    We’ve taken most of …

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    Getting started #VFL18


    Today we met up and organised the rest of the photos that we need to take and when we are all free to take them. Some letters are proving more difficult than others to find something for but we’re slowly figuring out what the final project will look like.

    For …

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    Finding a cause #VFL18


    Last week we had a meeting about what we were going to create for our contribution to the ‘View from Leicester‘ project. We took notes on the meeting and made brain storms for our different ideas for the project.

    We had several ideas that were inspired by the …

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    A NOTEable story


    When asked to make a gif using post- it notes I had many ideas. The first was an alien shooting a gun but that did’t go as I had intended and was much harder to draw the same several times in a row than I first thought. As someone who …

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    Star Warped


    I’ve only become a Star Wars fan recently but my boyfriend has been the biggest fan for years. So purely due to peer pressure I’ve now seen every film and know more about the franchise than I ever wanted to know. In return for making me watch all the films …

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    Ode to my hat


    When I saw this assignment was to take pictures of a mundane object in different ways I took a while deciding what object to use. After a while I thought about the hat that my parents had got me for Christmas. Every year they seemed to set themselves the challenge …

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    The Crazy Bunch


    An assignment that really caught my eye and made me excited to work on was ‘We’re the real life Brady Bunch’ after completing the last image assignment ‘Family friendly billboard’ I instantly came up with an idea and ran with it.

    To recreate this famous picture of The Brady Bunch …

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    Unit 5: Assignment 1: Family Friendly Billboard


    I found it hard picked the assignments that I wanted to complete for this unit as the image based assignments always catch my eye. I wanted to pick something that would allow me to have fun and be creative.

    I chose to create the family friendly billboard as I had …

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    Vonnegut stories


    I was thinking about the shapes of stories for a long time before I started writing this post. When I studied media in GCSE’s we were told that all stories started with an Equilibrium where everyone is happy. Then there will be a Disequilibrium, where something goes wrong, but in …

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    Say it like the Peanut Butter


    This assignment was to pick our favourite or least favourite and create a gif. Deciding which film to pick proved hard work and I spent way too long deciding that rather than making the GIF. This is because there are so many films that I love and equally so many …

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    #tdc2107 Extreme Minimalist Art


    The photo used to advertise todays daily create fascinated me as it was a very simple photograph but I thought it was quite an interesting photo and it got me thinking. Most of the photos I take are anything but minimalist, so I looked through my albums to try and …

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    So, I’ve gotten to the end of unit one and I’m excited to get into the next part of the course.
    I was told to write a short definition of what I think social media production might be. Personally I think its just about creating things are putting them out …

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    #tdc2098 We’re All Changing


    Creating your first blog post its always daunting so I decided to start with a daily create to ease me into it.

    Todays title of “we’re all changing” got me thinking as I’ve changed a lot since I first started university over a year ago. But change is a good …

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