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    Today I created my first vaporwave since last week I was creating content for my website that I’ll link down below! I found it super fun and easy since you can use many layers and just layer them how you’d like them.

    Today I woke up super sleepy so I …

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    Creating a new website


    This past week I was able to make a new website.


    Make sure to check it out for makeup, fashion, and lifestyle posts! I’ve always wanted to create a website for my beauty influencer life so this is going to be pretty fun for me. It’ll go more in …

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    Twiggy GIF


    Today I arrived late to class but I jumped right into the work. We worked on GIFs again. This time it was easier just because I remembered a lot of what we learned last week. I picked Twiggy because she is a makeup inspiration and her picture fit well for …

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    Panoramic Views


    Today in class I was able to learn more about the tool I’ve had on my iPhone for about a year now. I tried using it before but I never really understood it. Today I was finally able to see how it works in person and I think its a …

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    Making GIF Portraits


    Today in class we learned to make GIF portraits. I had a lot of trouble making mine at first. I kept saving the art board part of the GIF until Professor Seslow came and helped me out.

    I realized that at the end it wasn’t hard at all and only …

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    My 1st meme


    I thought memes would be a little easier to make but when I started it was difficult. I thought it was going to be like a meme generator but I actually learned to make a meme from scratch on photoshop! Memes might be art because its sharing your thoughts and …

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    Impression of CT101


    I wake up and I realize that I have to go on this 2 hour train ride so I drag myself out of my house to get to CT 101.

    I realized I was going to be late to my first day of class because of the trains and once …

  8. jhurtado2003

    What Even Is Happiness?


    People have different perspectives on happiness. Some people believe some materialistic things makes them happy and others are happy going into nature and seeing the beauty of it. Regardless you can’t really tell someone what can and can’t make them happy because it’s on them.

    What makes me happy is …

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