1. jhurtado2003

    My 1st meme


    I thought memes would be a little easier to make but when I started it was difficult. I thought it was going to be like a meme generator but I actually learned to make a meme from scratch on photoshop! Memes might be art because its sharing your thoughts and …

  2. jhurtado2003

    Impression of CT101


    I wake up and I realize that I have to go on this 2 hour train ride so I drag myself out of my house to get to CT 101.

    I realized I was going to be late to my first day of class because of the trains and once …

  3. jhurtado2003

    What Even Is Happiness?


    People have different perspectives on happiness. Some people believe some materialistic things makes them happy and others are happy going into nature and seeing the beauty of it. Regardless you can’t really tell someone what can and can’t make them happy because it’s on them.

    What makes me happy is …

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