1. Justin Moyer

    Cell Phone Self-Repair: The Way of the Geek


    Most of us don’t buy smartphones with the intention of breaking them, but it happens. In fact, it happens a lot. According to a recent study by Square Trade that focuses only on iPhones, Americans have spent a combined total of $5.9 billion on repairing their iDevices.

    This number is …

  2. Justin Moyer

    DS106 Introduction Post


    Hello, all! As usual, I’m extraordinarily late. But, hey, at least I’m here, right?

    I’m joining this course as an open participant because, as I explain in the video below, my wife is taking the class for credit and thought it’d be fun if I did it with her. Blogging …

  3. Justin Moyer

    3 Easy Ways to Better Manage Your Schedule


    I’ve recently come to realize that my life is relatively more active than the average bear’s. Between my full-time job, part-time engineering classes, church music practice and website upkeep, cub scout planning, attending my children’s karate, cheerleading, cub scouting, and soccer events, run-training, reading God’s word regularly, spending quality time …

  4. Justin Moyer

    Here I am: JMo’s Hello


    Ok, here I am.

    I now have somewhere to put my run logs, my technical knowledge, and my thoughts on music. Maybe I’ll even put stuff in here that I don’t want to forget. That seems useful.

    I’m not entirely sure what this is going to look like yet, but …

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