1. joanw65

    Celebrity Life – design assignment 1


    Margo MacDonald died last week. She was an immense political figure in Scottish politics for about 45 years and was the first Scottish Nationalist Party Westminster MP albeit for a very short time. She was a hugely respected individual which was demonstrated in no uncertain terms over the last week.…

  2. joanw65

    10 Step Challenge – visual assignment 2 – Loch Ard


    Beautiful day yesterday and walked locally at Loch Ard in the Trossachs just north of Glasgow with my daughter and her young dog. It’s such a beautiful place that I knew I would be able to fulfil this challenge of taking 10 steps in any direction and taking a photograph.…

  3. joanw65

    Chipmunk Style – video assignment 1 – “Freedom”


    I’ve used iMovie for basic video editing but always struggled a bit with the file management and also the audio quality. I hope this assignment may help me get to grips with these things a bit better. It seems a straightforward task to get me started with video projects.

    Sticking …

  4. joanw65

    Splash the Colour – visual assignment 1


    So I’ve decided to focus all my projects on Homecoming Scotland 2014 celebrations for a couple of reasons. Glasgow, my home town is hosting the 2014 Commonwealth games in the summer, the initiative is promoting Scotland as a tourist destination and we are having an Independence Referendum in September so …

  5. joanw65

    A bit about me


    Not sure how well I’ll manage to participate but hopefully enough to collaborate and benefit from others interested in using open & social media for learning and in particular in digital storytelling.

    I live and work in Glagsow, Scotland and have been involved with let’s say online learning since 1999 …

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