1. johnhollenbeck

    At the start


    I’m looking forward to watching the replay of the final America’s Cup race this evening. It has been an amazing comeback, and is compelling in spite of the fact it is the ultimate rich (white) man’s sport. The most sailing I’ve ever done was in a tech dingy on lake …

  2. johnhollenbeck

    Contrasting Two Psychologists


    For a while I taught at a for-profit online university that insisted we use their prepackaged curriculum. One of the oddest part of this was their idea that both B.F. Skinner and Lev Vygotsky shared a behavioral orientation of mind. I never would have put Vygotsky with Skinner, and still …

  3. johnhollenbeck

    Dodgers make a great play


    I love this play! 4.9 seconds from the warning track to the plate. The announcer’s call is fantastic in how it builds and builds to the tag.

    Your browser does not support iframes.

  4. johnhollenbeck

    And then came the divorce…


    Funny that the post before this, over a year ago, was a trombonist playing Schubert lied written for a baritone. At that time, it was a baritone that my wife was having an affair with.

    And I wondered what it was about that video that made her uncomfortable…

  5. johnhollenbeck



    As we think about the possible future(s) of art music, it is nice to hear how far creativity can go. This is a trombonist with a plunger taking on one of Schubert’s most compelling works. It has elicited no neutral comments.

    Listen with enough bass to pick up the 6 …

  6. johnhollenbeck

    ADDIE Backwards Planning Model


    This is from Downes. I have always thought the ADDIE model to be simplistic and wrong. The best version of it has been one that put evaluation (The “E” of the acronym) in the center of a flower. But in reality it’s all about how you are going to …

  7. johnhollenbeck

    Distance Learning as Learning


    “All I needed was the Internet, a little bit of time everyday and priorities” – Delta Sky article about Distance Learning

    The act of defining distance learning as separate from learning is exactly the problem. It is this compulsion that will keep the model for distance education subservient to the …

  8. johnhollenbeck

    Schools and Creativity


    If there is one thing the schools do not do well it is prepare students for novel situations. Their plight is understandable; schools must educate a wide variety of students on little money with relatively small staffs. They are under pressure from society to do not only a good job …

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