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    This is the end


    No more status updates.  No more summary posts that says we are X% of the way through the semester.  This is my final post.  My final summary blog.  My final tweet.  My final soundcloud post.  My final YouTube upload.  Five weeks has been completed.  And I put more creative thought …

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    The Tale of the Lonesome Ghost


    I am so worried.  My friend was all over social media last night.  He was posting pictures and videos of some scary stuff that was happening in his office.  I’m going to try to piece together the timeline here in this blog.

    He started off with some strange tweets about …

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    Sunset blogevard


    Week 1.  Week 2.  Week 3.  Week 4.  Week 5.


    Four weeks down.  One to go.




    This week, we were tasked with completing twelve stars worth of assignments from the video assignment bank.  Three of these assignments had to relate to our previous weeks answer to …

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    The trip home


    Hola.  For this 4 star video assignment, I was tasked with creating a video that corresponded to an audio story I had told earlier in the semester.  You can find the instructions for this assignment HERE.    My former soundcloud audio assignment will be linked below as well in case …

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    Land of the rising meow


    Hello all!  I found this 3 star assignment I decided to do this week that I believe is rather fun.  If you would like to try it yourself, the instructions can be found HERE.  The assignment entailed creating a video that included “butt” edits.  I was asked to replace …

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    The suns on the clock


    I found a 4 star assignment in the video assignment bank that I found pretty interesting this week.  You can find the directions to complete it HERE.  The instructions tasked me with creating a video containing my favorite video transition.  I have posted a link to a video below …

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    The 1 second sunset


    I found a video assignment in the ds106 assignment bank worth 2.5 stars.  You can find a link to the assignment itself HERE.  The assignment asked me to create a 1 second video that told a story.  But as a twist, this week we were supposed to link all of …

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    House of mirrors: a quadruple reflection post


    In order to learn more about, I watched 4 videos showing examples of different film-making and editing techniques.


    The first I watched was “Examples of Editing techniques”.  The video showed many examples of different scene transitions and editing techniques.  The first shown was the jump cut.  It worked very …

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    The Missing Star


    Prepare yourself for the dark (hah) version of twinkle twinkle little star. I consider it my masterpiece.  It is a response to the question of the week, which was to rewrite a nursery rhyme to have the opposite feel/meaning as it had before.



    Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
    How …

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    Roger relies on reading the scene


    Roger begins his article by introducing us to how he got into the “shot at a time” technique of critiquing films. He even trys to instill in the reader that this is something anyone can get into. Roger provides his own experience in teaching a film class to provide evidence …

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    Threes company for summarys


    Six summary posts down.  They are dropping like flies it seems.  I hope to be able to express everything I did for this half-week in this post.  So lets get started.


    To begin, I will discuss my daily-creates for the week.  The first I completed on Saturday.  It entailed …

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    Dinosaurs tweeting other Dinosaurs


    I was presented with an interesting task this week.  One of our assignments was to describe an alternate timeline of events, and make an audio clip of that brave new world.  I have done just that!  Below you will find a link to my soundclip alternate history sound clip.  I …

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    The sounds of John


    For this audio bank assignment, I was tasked finding 4 or 5 sounds that I find personally pleasing.  The assignment details for this can be found HERE.    This assignment was worth 2 stars according to the details on the website.   Below you will find a link to the mashup …

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    Daily tweet mashup


    Your dual daily dose of double daily creates are here.  Below you will find my two daily creates for the end of the 3rd week of my Digital Storytelling class.  The first daily create I will discuss is just below this paragraph.  We were tasked with coloring a nifty photograph …

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    SOS – Story of Sounds


    I created a story this week entirely out of sound clips.  You can listen to it on my soundcloud link below.  See if you can understand what the moral of the story is.




    The assignment instructions for this interesting piece can be found here.   If you …

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    Snap crackle pop. Mid-week Sound in summary


    Hello all!  It seems we are halfway through the class, because here our 3rd midweek summary is upon us!



    As usual, another summary means another set of daily creates.  These are almost always my favorite part of the week as they involve a quick random bit of creativity.  …

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    To the moon Alice


    This week we were to listen to and review certain aspects of a soundcloud podcast titled “Moon Graffiti”.  The podcast was a veritable cornucopia of sound effects mixed with voice to produce a drama filled time twisting journey of weirdness.  The podcast starts off with a large mix of alarm …

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    Get a little R&R


    Its time to review my R&R for the week.  No, not rest and relaxation.  Though I could totally use that right now.  I am referring to the Reading and Resources we are to reflect upon for this mid-week deadline.

    I came into this class with only a small bit of …

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    3D: Dual Daily Designs


    The daily creates for this half-week were fun to complete.  The first that I completed on Tuesday 6/5/2018 (found here if you would like to try it) was confusing in what they were asking for.  I pretty much guessed at what I should do.  But that was the fun part.  …

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    Another Sunday, another funday


    Another Sunday has come and gone.  This week we focused on design, and image manipulation.  We used tools like Photoshop and Gimp to manipulate images into fitting our own desires.

    I started the week by doing two daily-creates.  The first daily create (which can be found here) was about …

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    A time altering book cover


    Below you will see an image of a fake book cover. The imaginary book was created as an homage to our question of the week from this past Wednesday! Mine details an important change in history. The prevention of the events surrounding 9/11. Continue reading to learn more. This post …

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    A sad event that needs changing


    Our question of the week this week was “If you could change one event from our history, what would you change, what be the results, and why would you change it?”


    I didn’t particularly like any of the topics presented.  I thought about talking about the Cuban missile crisis …

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    So nice, I blitzed it twice


    This week I was tasked with taking pictures of things that exhibit the basic principles of design.  I found searching for this to be hard.  The easiest place in the end seemed to be within the pages of magazines.  Ill give you one guess what I found to exhibit these …

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