1. Jolie Thomas

    Branded Forever


    Today I decided to make leather pouches at the crafts table. Yet, I came across this piece of leather with a huge brand in the center. I was very deeply affected. This scar is still left years after everything else is gone. I understand back in the Wild West when …

  2. Jolie Thomas

    Letter Home


    Dear Mom and Dad,

    Camp is great! I’ve been taking a lot of photos that I can’t wait to show you. I learned a lot about photo editing this week. I love manipulating a photo to mean something different, tell a story, or appeal to a certain emotion. It is …

  3. Jolie Thomas



    I took a picture of our old basketball hoop that we were getting rid of and manipulated the warmth and saturation of the colors in iPhoto. I played with the brightness of the photo just a little, too little and you end up with really dark orange and lose the …

  4. Jolie Thomas

    Thank you Kurt Vonnegut!


    The shape of the Snow White Story

    Snow white starts off as a princess with a stepmother. Gets chased out of the castle by a huntsman contracted to kill her. Finds a cottage in the woods, where she makes seven new friends. Eats poisoned apple and dies. Kissed by a …

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