1. juliaoosman

    Project idea


    Since it’s a new year, a new semester and I’m newly single after 9 years I really want to document how my life has been going. I looked through the assignment bank and the vlogging ideas caught my interest. I have an amazing support system around me and they make …

  2. juliaoosman

    sparking the fire


    I am really excited to see what more I will be learning from this class. I never thought of myself as a creative person but Ive realize creativity is inspired by what we choose to be around. I definitely look forward to letting this class incorporate my passions into an …

  3. juliaoosman

    The internet as a luxury


    Having a phone with access to the internet is an amazing luxury, I hope everyone around the world is able to experience in the future. One of my favorite things the internet lets me do is I get to communicate with my family all over the world. My brother lived …

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