1. @justin_zamecnik

    Lab 2 – Intro to Raspberry Pi & Linux


    The main objectives of these labs were to become more familiar with Linux, as well as to set up our Raspberry Pi computers. We needed to learn how to program a SD card that would later be used to set up the computer. We needed to learn the basics …

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    Lab 1 – Setting up a Homepage

    Info on the Lab

    This lab took place on Friday, August 24, 2018. This was our first lab, which is the reasoning for the name Lab 1. We did not do this lab in any groups, so it was done by myself, and if you do not know already my …

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    The Final


    I haven’t posted anything on here for a while, and there’s a very good reason for that… NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE. The reason for that is the fact that I have been working on my final for my Digital Media 2 class for a lot of that time. We were …

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    Week 12


    This week was well managed for the most part. We were instructed to do twelve stars of mashup assignments for this week. I got most of them done before the weekend came, so I didn’t have to rush. We were also instructed to do two daily creates located on the …

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    Logo Mashup


    This was my last assignment for the week. It was also worth four stars, which put me at twelve for the week. The instructions are to mashup all of your favorite teams logos. I chose to do the Kansas City Royals, the New England Patriots (no I’m not a bandwagon …

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    This assignment was a fun one to do. The instructions are to take a closeup image of anyone and place them somewhere they wouldn’t be found. It was worth four stars, which puts me at eight stars for the whole weak. I took a random picture off of the internet …

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    It Doesn’t Belong


    This assignment was very simple. All I had to do was add something to a movie that doesn’t believe there. This assignment was worth four stars. I am a huge Star Wars fan and have always been bothered when people mix it up with Star Trek. Soooooooooo I decided to …

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    Week 11 Documentary


    This week wasn’t too busy because we were only given a few things to do. We had to do a couple of daily creates on the ds106 website, as well as finish our documentary. Thankfully These didn’t take me too long to accomplish due to the fact that I already …

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    We were assigned an analysis over the Winnebago Man film and how it used certain aspect of what we learned from a few youtube videos. Below is my analysis.


    We all have issues, right? There is one man out there who became a youtube all-star due to his anger …

  10. @justin_zamecnik

    Week 10


    This week was a productive one for me. Thankfully, I was able to reduce my procrastination and get all of my video shot and somewhat close to done before they were due. We were instructed to do six stars worth of video assignments on the ds106 website. I ended up …

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    This assignment was also found on the ds106 website, but it is no longer there. For water reason it appears it was taken down. This assignment was worth three and a half stars and didn’t take long at all. Actually, this writing is also part of the assignment. The instructions …

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    Play It Backwards


    This assignment was found on the ds106 website. The instructions were very easy, record something and play it backwards. I decided to do a bottle flip. This assignment was worth three stars and got me half way to the goal for the week. I used Adobe Premiere to edit this …

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    Week 9


    This week was a much easier week, which I loved. We didn’t have to do much besides adjust a few things on the radio show and add a few bumpers. This blog post will primarily focus on what went well and not so well on the radio show and multiple …

  14. @justin_zamecnik

    Week 8


    This week was all about completing our radio show. Leading up to this week we really didn’t have a very good plan for the show. So Tuesday’s class consisted of us throwing out ideas that we think would be easy to do and edit, but not boring to listen to. …

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    Week 7


    This week was once again very productive. We focused on audio and commenting on social media. I tried to stick primarily to design comments, some involving clothes while others involved a RV. We were assigned ten stars in audio assignments for the week, and thankfully audio assignment are usually worth …

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    DS106 Radio Bumper


    This assignment was one that needed to be done for our class. I decided to work together with one of my classmates to create this radio bumper. We knew about the hey owl from youtube and we knew we were wanting that incorporated into the mix. We also knew we …

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    Remaking We Will Rock You


    This assignment was pretty easy to accomplish, but it’s all I needed to get to the ten stars for the week. This assignment was worth two stars. The instructions were to remake the We Will Rock You beat with anything I really wanted. I decided I wanted to go with …

  18. @justin_zamecnik

    Theme Song


    This assignment was a fun one for me. The instructions were easy, make a theme song for yourself. I chose to use one of my favorite beats, which is from the song Colours by Skizzy Mars. I jumped onto Adobe Audacity and I remade the beat and chorus by finding …

  19. @justin_zamecnik

    Week 6


    This week was a busy one once again. We were assigned ten stars worth of design assignments. I was able to get all ten stars with three assignments. We were told to look for some elements of design in the real world. We had to go out and find good …

  20. @justin_zamecnik

    Name That Single


    This assignment was a pretty easy one. The instructions are to take any song you want and make a symbol for it. I chose the song STFU by Blackbear for my assignment. This assignment was worth two stars, which puts me at ten for the week. As I said before …

  21. @justin_zamecnik

    Trading Card


    This assignment was a fun one for me. The assignment was easy to follow, but was very time consuming. All I had to do was make a trading card for a movie, and the movie I chose was Mad Max Fury Road. This assignment was worth four and a half …

  22. @justin_zamecnik

    New Logo’s


    I found this assignment on the ds106 website. The instructions were simple, create a simple logo for something. I could make a random logo for something fake, but I decided to upgrade the logo I had for my J.T. Blog & Design pages. The logo is shown above and is …

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    Week 5


    This week was another busy one. We focused on audio, which is probably the thing I needed the most work on. We had more stars assigned this week which kept us even busier, but in the long run I got it all done. I wrote a blog post that explains …

  24. @justin_zamecnik

    Sound Effect Story


    This assignment was a fun one. The assignment is worth three and a half stars, which puts me at eleven and a half stars. The idea is simple, use sound effects to tell a story. I may have bent the rules a little bit by having a sound effect of …

  25. @justin_zamecnik

    Lower Pitch


    This assignment ended up being pretty easy for me. I was just roaming around audacity and stumbled upon the effects for this assignment. All I had to do was change the vocal pitch to be lower than the original song. Naturally I chose He Man and the most annoying song …

  26. @justin_zamecnik

    Making an Instrumental


    This assignment was very complicated for me. I’m not very experienced with audacity so I struggled trying to remove the lyrics from this song. The song I decided to take the words out of is called Tumblr Girls by G Eazy. The main reason I like this song is from …

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    Audio plays a huge roll in our daily life. We may no notice it, but trust me, it does. Think of watching a movie without the background music. Think of watching any Star Wars movie ever and not having any sound effects. Without the sound effects and music the whole …

  28. @justin_zamecnik

    Week 4


    This week was another productive one. It was based on visual assignment and photography. I was able to check out a new camera and learn quite a bit about picture taking in just a few days. One thing I knew going into the week was that focusing in photography is …

  29. @justin_zamecnik

    Limited Shapes


    This was my final assignment for the week. It was worth three and a half stars, which got me to a total of eight stars. The instructions were very simple, use five circles, four lines, and only one curved line to create an image. This assignment really worked with my …

  30. @justin_zamecnik

    Altering a Cartoon


    This assignment was worth a star and a half which got me to a total of four and a half. The directions to this assignment were very simple. I had to take an old cartoon character and edit the colors. I decided to use Winnie the Pooh for some odd …

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