1. JustinCapera99

    COVID-19- before the madness.


    I’m so furious every day there’s something new about the Corona Virus and it’s so frustrating I miss when my news wasn’t about a disease. I miss school I hate to admit it I do.

    So I wanted to do something different I wanted to like a highlight of what …

  2. JustinCapera99

    Everything is a Remix


    So I saw the “Everything Is a Remix” video and it made the same points that the movie snob in me has made. Which makes me laugh.

    Everything is inspired by something I learned that from our class and other classes as well. The whole “Stars Wars: A New Hope” …

  3. JustinCapera99

    Paño Story


    This picture took multiple try’s and me and the group tried many different scenarios so it was satisfying to come up with this perfect end result.

    What I loved about working on this post was the fact that we all had a few laughs it was actually fun to fail …

  4. JustinCapera99

    Internet Happiness


    There are many things that are making me happy on the internet this week. One thing making me happy this week is…


    This post in particular made me so happy because I always want someone to take pictures of me and one of my newest yet closest …

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