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    Weekly Summary-Week 12


    Hello! I had to finish this week early, because I’m going out of town again for work for the rest of the week on Wednesday. This week wasn’t bad. I think that the concept of mashing up was a good idea, I just didn’t really enjoy it. I didn’t think …

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    Mambo number 2


    For my last mashup assignment for this week, I edited another one of my old projects. The Snappy assignment, was probably my favorite that I did. Just because of the style I put in it. So for the mashup portion, I decided to take it in the opposite direction, and …

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    Terrible Lip Reading


    Honestly this is the worst I’ve done, I just couldn’t figure out how to do better!! This was the hardest assignment, and I put so much time into it. I was having a really hard time coming together with a story that made sense given the setting, and the way …

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    *Chewing bubble gum sounds*


    Hay, I did this mashup assignment, number 1871. Pretty fun assignment except my Mac started updating in the middle which was super inconvenient because I had to restart. Anyway I just youtubed one liners, for inspiration. Following that I just watched the video and found two lines that jived to …

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    Why Tina Why!!


    My son will hate me if he ever finds out I did this hahaha

    For my first assignment of the week I did this assignment, which required me to put Talky Tina’s face over another image. After doing research on what in tarnation Talky Tina was, this was a simple …

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    Mambo number 1


    Questions never answered:

    What the heck happened to Mambo number one through four. Why is there only one Mambo that is popular? What the hell is a Mambo???

    This has nothing to do with why I wrote this post, simply a super random side thought. Appreciate me for who I …

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    Weekly Summari-freakin-zation


    This week was better then the last, I will lead with that. Not having a huge amount of work from this class, let me slow down and focus on each project! That being said I also think that I had more fun with these projects than normal, partially due to …

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    Pregunatas, amiga?


    My last assignment for the week I did the assignment, “Get to know me” #2230. This assignment asked for me to answer some questions asked by the class. Unfortunately I literally only had questions asked by the wonderful ladies from our radio show group. Such a great group.…

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    Do you still have it?


    Thanks for reading! I promise if you stick around to watch this video you will actually think it’s funny. I did this video for the assignment 1015, (Mockumentary with your favorite archetype). I don’t think that I stuck entirely to the description, because once I got into the project …

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    No…NO don’t eat that!!


    Okay first of all….LOL.

    I’m writing this post about the first video assignment I completed this week. The name of the assignment is, “How To Video” and it’s for 3 stars. I made this video about make a peanut butter and apple jelly sandwich, you can see it here.…

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    Weekly Summary-Week 10


    This week was definitely full of challenges, but it had it’s upsides too. I think that I enjoyed the making of movies and all of the related content, however it was hard to do well with the equipment that I have. I will say that the video essay by far …

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    Chipmunk, pronounced (sk-wor-el)


    Today I did an assignment, (1246) which required me to take a clip from a favorite movie and turn the actors voices from normal-to chipmunk! While John Wick is my favorite movie, I would never defame it by making him sound like a chipmunk. So I went with the Wedding …

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    This assignment was probably my favorite thus far. I had a good time putting together random pictures (acquired from unsplash.com) as well as a random beat (from freemusicarchive.org) in a creative fashion to make this slideshow. I used my favorite transitions, from iMovie, to complete the piece. There was no …

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    Boy…that was interesting


    Well, this assignment was not easy. To say the least. It took me 6 hours…to do just the video. This is beside the time it took to understand the actual content. When it comes to my grasping of the topic itself I felt that there was definitely some room for …

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    Weekly Summary-Week 9


    This week in DS106 was another one of those weeks where you question, “what tf is going on here?!” That being said I thought that this week went well. I finished all of the assignment early in the week because I have such a busy work week. First  I did …

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    Connecting Z Spooky Dots



    So we were tasked this week with connecting together our daily creates. At first I had no clue what I was going to do, but now….I still have no clue. Let’s walk through this together and see what happens. I will start by showing the tweet, explaining how it …

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    This week I listened to the radio show, “The Legends ds106 Radio Show!” I thought that this show was done fantastically! I was really interested from the start, due to their being so much activity in the show, and so much going on. I found that it was hard to …

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    Lost and Found



    So as we are collectively suffering under a crushing amount of work, I have decided to make my web storytelling assignment about it! I began by downloading Mozilla Goggles,  I started out trying to use Chrome browser however it was not working. I switched to Safari and had no …

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    Only in a Dream




    So for this assignment (assignment #1877) students were asked to create the room of their dreams, using Pinterest. This wasn’t a hard activity for me because I’m currently in the middle of renovating, so my juices are already flowing when it comes to making my living environment better! …

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    Contact with the blue



    I wrote this for the assignment #2294. You can see my post here, on Reddit! I wrote this as part of my character’s story, because I wanted a chance to develop my story more. I think that it went well and I liked how the story added another …

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    Weekly Summary-Week 8


    This week has been challenging! Didn’t even feel like I had a break because of the amount of homework I had to do. This week I spent time editing the final show together, and completed my two daily creates. My first one:

    Me and my boy go way back #tdc2469

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    Radio Show Week 2


    Well this radio show project has probably been one of the most challenging things I’ve had to do so far. It wasn’t necessarily a large amount of work, it’s just that doing group work in a online setting is even worse then doing it in person in a physical classroom. …

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    Weekly Summary Week 7


    Moving right along in the semester!

    This week I think that my audio assignments went really well. The first one that I did was assignment 2366. This was an assignment I made, and also my first tutorial. I made it because I was getting super annoyed with the selection of …

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    Update Update! Read all about it!!



    I know it’s early in the week but I’m providing you my update now because I don’t know if I’ll have the chance to work again until next week. As of now I’ve actually gotten a lot done this week. Starting top to bottom, I helped coordinate the formation …

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    Free Sticker Anyone?



    This post is about the bumper sticker I created. I started this assignment and realized I really had no clue what the heck to do for it. So I went where ya can’t go wrong, simple and straightforward. I realized that i don’t have the ability to draw on …

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    Dude…pick up your phone!!


    Today I made up a voicemail left for Kai’s little brother, Gavin. This was done for Audio assignment #2194. In the voicemail you can hear that Kai is clearly on the run, from the gang called the Blue, my story’s villain. You can hear also in the background that he …

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    Sick Beat lol



    I am straight up ready to headbutt a cactus. Like I’m not talking soft, place-your-head-on -the-cactus kinda headbutt. I’m talking like all out “this is war” kind of headbutt. Just dropped like 5 hours in this project so you better like it or I will -insert empty threat here-.…

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    Weekly Summary-Week 6



    I’m not going to say it. I’m not going to say that this semester could not be passing more slowly. I’m not going to say it, because I think I’ve said that in every weekly summary post. This was probably the most fun I’ve had this semester. I think …

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    Design Let-up


    Did you know the antonym for “blitz” is “let-up”. Yeah me either.

    Let’s get right into this weeks design blitz! Here’s my first photo:

    So I wanted to go right along with the hero theme for this semester, and post a picture of my favorite Captain America shirt. To me …

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    Kai Reimagined


    This is a reimagining of Malachi Gray. I stuck with the same theme of black, given the heat and energy retaining properties inherent in the color. Additionally I designed the character to be large, and physically intimidating due to his years working on an Astrobark farm, picking up large and …

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