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    Digital Storytelling Portfolio


    If you have been following my blog, you know that my semester has primarily been devoted to my capstone for my MPA program. Well, I am happy to report that I defended my capstone Tuesday night and passed. I am so happy to have that behind me! And soon I …

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    Digital Story Critique: Nickolette Grimes

    We were assigned two classmates’ digital stories to critique for our Digital Storytelling class. The second one I am critiquing is Nickolette Grimes’ digital story. While this story is told from her point of view, it is about her relationship with Dillon and their cat Stuart. What might appear…
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    Digital Story Critique: My Food Revolution


    We were assigned two classmates’ digital stories to critique for our Digital Storytelling class. The first one I am critiquing is Robert Piper’s My Food Revolution. Robert decided to tell the world about his decision to stop eating meat. The story was well outlined and gave very compelling reasons …

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    2 Girls, a Car, and a Mission


    2 Girls, a Car, and a Mission – My friend Kim and I were invited to a wedding in Virginia on September 17, 2016. My mom’s birthday happens to be September 16, and she lives in Virgina. So we decided to make it a whirlwind Virginia trip. The plan… fly …

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    Week 13: Response & Reflection


    The article I chose for this week is Stories Through Sequence by Xanthe Berkeley Of Shutter Sisters. I chose this article because it focuses on photographs to tell a story. The author talks about how one photograph can tell a story, but decided that he wanted to explore the stories …

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    Week 12: Self Reflection of Learning



    It is crunch time for my capstone! So far, my feedback has been good, so that is a big relief. My final draft is due the 27th, and my defense will be Dec 6. I will be very happy when this is behind me

    I am also happy with …

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    Week 12: Response & Reflection


    Our article this week is “Seven Steps of Digital Storytelling”.

    1.         What are your main insights and ideas from the given reading? I think the seven steps is awesome. The first one “Owning Your Insights” is so powerful and speaks to point of view, voice, and the conflict that makes …

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    Week 10: Self Reflection of Learning


    This has been a busy couple of weeks. My survey for my capstone closed on Friday, so now I get to gather my results and finish my final draft of my capstone! Looks like this semester is actually coming to end and I will be done with my master’s program.…

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    Digital Story Critique 8:


    For this week’s (week 10) digital story critique, I decided to step a bit outside the narrow field I have been exploring. Thanks to some of my classmates, I have opened my mind to accepting that digital stories come in many shapes, sizes, and formats. Until now, I have been …

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    Response & Reflection: Week 10


    The chapter we read this week is A Road Traveled: The Evolution of the Digital Storytelling Practice. I had a hard time getting into the chapter initially, but as it progressed, I became more engrossed in the author’s writing.

    What are your main insights and ideas from the given reading?…
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    Week 9: Gallery Walk Presentation


    Wow! It’s hard to believe it is already week 9 of the semester. Not too much longer and I will be completely done with my graduate program. This week, we were tasked to give a mid semester review of what we have learned, highlighting some of our fellow students’ blogs, …

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    Week 8: Response & Reflection


    For week 8, I chose an article by Jason Ohler called The World of Digital Storytelling. It originally appeared in the December 2005/January 2006 issue of Educational Leadership. I found the article through Google Scholar, and the link does not work, so if you would like to read the article, …

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    Digital Story Critique 6: Firestorm


    The digital story I selected to critique this week is called Firestorm. Warning to anyone reading this post, this is quite a long digital story, but well worth the time to navigate through it!

    Wow! What a powerful story. Essentially, this town in Tasmania suffered from a catastrophic fire, …

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    Digital Story Critique 5: Alison


    The digital story I have selected for this week is Alison, a photo essay about Jack Radcliffe’s daughter Allison. Jack started this photographic journey as a parent, taking photos of his daughter. As he got ore into his photography, he became fascinated by what he was capturing on his …

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    A Whirlwind Trip to Virginia – Day 2


    We got up Friday (September 16, 2016) morning and took my mom all over for her birthday. Our first stop was Yorktown to check out the monument and the beach.

    After a fun morning at the beach, we headed across the bridge to Gloucester to have lunch with some of …

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    A Whirlwind Trip to Virginia – Day 1


    My friend Kim and I traveled to Virginia last week to attend the wedding of our friend Lauren. Since I don’t get out to Virginia very often, I decided I wanted to pack in as much visiting as possible while I was there, and Kim being the good sport that …

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    Week 5: Self Reflection of Learning


    This week, I read the right assignment! I’d like to say that I am at crunch time for my capstone for my Master’s in Public Administration, so I haven’t been able to focus as much time on these assignments as I would like. Once I get the bulk of that …

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    Digital Story Critique 4: Bear


    This week, I chose to critique Bear, a digital story about… you guessed it… bears!

    Before the story even begins, the creators warn you that the presentation will be 20 minutes long.

    At the very beginning, the creators hook you with the phrase “There aren’t a lot of ways …

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    Response & Reflection: Week 5


    The two chapters assigned this week are:

    Chapter 2: Music remix in the classroom

    Chapter 3: DIY podcasting in education

    Overall, I am enjoying the chapters in this book. So far, it seems that each author addresses a tool or technique that can be used in digital storytelling by providing …

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