1. @katieWe19874566

    Photoblitz Frenzy!!


    Try to think of interesting ways to capture the items or convey the ideas in a photo in the fifteen-minute timeframe. Write a blog post about your experience. Describe the place you chose to do this, and why you chose it. What was the experience like? What photos worked for …

  2. @katieWe19874566

    What a World, What a (Half) Week


    For this week, we had to create multiple new social media accounts and let me just say Twitter was not my friend. Below are my new accounts.

    Instagram: Kwells2018

    Twitter: @KatieWel19874566

    Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/katie-wells-54586135

    Own Domain: katieannwells.com

    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuyy3F0lM_gkKsFCyGKiujg

    My first blog post was my “This is Real, This is Me” …

  3. @katieWe19874566

    Life is a Mystery



    Question of the Week: What is your favorite type of story and why?

    I can keep this short and sweet. My favorite types of stories are Mysteries because of the unknown element involved. We can relate mystery from books to life as well because let’s face it, Life is …

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