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    I interviewed Sebastian Foster and asked him to tell me about an event in his life. He talked to me about when he signed up for the army and about boot camp.


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    Final Project


    I decided to create my own, and with this I kinda wanted to emphasize the animals that get left out in the cold over the winter. My biggest thing over this is that if it’s too cold for you to be outside, then it’s too cold for them. Bring your …

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    Learning reflection week 14


    During the week of Hardware and Network fundamentals we built a network with computers, hubs, switches, and routers. We then wired all together to create one big network. Since we used the cables, it would be considered a LAN network instead of a WAN. WAN is for wireless networks.

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    Lab 8 Packet sniffing


    Objectives:  Our objective for this lab is to browse a webpage, do a file transfer to an FTP server, test the connectivity to a host with Ping, and acquire a network address with DHCP.  We captured packets while using Wireshark, which is divided into three panes.  The top pane displays …

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    To complete an assignment in the assignment bank, you go to the web page, there’s a list of assignments that you can complete to meet the requirements that your teacher has provided for you. You can go in and choose which assignment you want to do and add up the …

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    Learning Reflection- week 4


    In the lab, we had to find a switch, a hub, and a router. The router was the easiest to identify, but the hub and switch were a bit harder because they could easily be switched around if you aren’t careful. I started to figure out how to find the …

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    Lab 2 Network Cables


    Objective: The objective for this lab was to make our own patch cables or to install a new connector onto an existing cable.

    Equipment: For this project we used wire cutters, a crimp tool, cable strippers, the CAT5 UTP, and 2 RJ-5 connectors.

    Notes and Observations: I personally had a …

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    Learning Reflection week 3


    During the week of class I had learned a lot more about cabling and how there’s different types as well. In the lab, I learned how to make an Ethernet cable by taking the wires and separating them as well as putting them into the plastic piece. I also learned …

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    Week 3- Find your Superpower-Digital Literacy


    The first assignment on the website that I did was the one with the tattoo. This tattoo that I want to get was drawn for my late uncle. He had always loved crosses and the ribbon represents the connection to him between the planes. With it he is always connected …

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    Week 2- Creativity and copyright- Digital Literacy


    1.  The first one I read was the controversial topic of Katy Perry at the Super Bowl show with the dancing shark. The “trademark” on the dancing shark isn’t what I would concern myself with in all honesty because even before Katy Perry did the show, the shark was a …

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    Lab 1- Digital Infrastructure


    Objectives: The objective for this lab was to make a coil and balance it on the Styrofoam cup and the paper clips, and to hook a power source up to the paper clips and get the motor to spin.

    Equipment: For the equipment that I used, there were paper clips, …

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    Week 1- Digital Literacy


    #ds106 made it online!

    — Kaitlyn Slechta (@KatSlech) August 23, 2017

    Superpower: I don’t have a super power, but if I did, I’d want the ability to read minds. See what people are thinking about or to see what they think of me. Even though I know the truth hurts …

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    “What others think I do vs What I really do”


    Some of my theme ideas include iPhone users and Teenage Drivers. I wanted to use Teenage Drivers, because we have a reputation for being reckless and stupid, yet not all teens drive like that and we have been categorized as bad drivers because of a select few teens that have …

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