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    Final Sleuth Update and DS106 Blog Post


    Well, this has been an exciting week to say the least. Pluto and Bailey go missing and Sasha, Sarah, and I had to fling ourselves into the 21st century to find them. When we arrived in this current time, we found a note left by Sarah’s cat Bailey left us …

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    Creating Daily Creates!


    After thinking of ideas for a while, I came up with these guidelines for possible Daily Creates to be implemented on the tdc site in the future. I wanted to create Daily Create ideas in more than one category and hopefully I’ve made them so that they can be completed …

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    Matthew/Jack Case Closed!


    I felt very accomplished this week, especially since the Steadfast Sleuths were able to solve the “You Don’t Know Jack” case. Our case meeting in the middle of the week was particularly enjoyable and our altercation with Shannon Mills was edited particularly well by the persons documenting our cases. Finding …

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    Two Cases, Two Personalities


    The second half of this week has been exhausting, fulfilling and exciting, but tiring none the less. On Wednesday, the three Steadfast Sleuths met up to discuss what had happened the previous week such as Sarah’s poisoning and noir-y’s disappearance as well as the news concerning Shannon Mills’ escape from …

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    Mills Escaped!


    We just found out that Shannon Mills has escaped from prison! The prison guards didn’t realize she was gone for over a week, probably due to the fact that one of the officers helped her in her escape. Sarah and I are worried that she’ll target Sasha again. Hopefully …

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    It’s All Coming Together


    Finding clues for this week, creating blog posts on the Steadfast Sleuths blog site, and posting case updates on this site have been quite useful ways of spending my time and good ways of organizing the Steadfast Sleuths’ information regarding our current case. I helped with the process of creating …

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    Sleuthing at the Fair! (Case Update #2)


    After finding the message in the ITCC earlier this week, Sarah, Sasha, and I went to the Multicultural Fair in order to locate Jack. While we did enjoy the performances and vendors at the fair, our main objective was locating and learning more about Jack. We saw Black during our …

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    Who is Jack? (Case Update #1)


    Tonight was the first night that the Steadfast Sleuths have been able to meet up because Sarah has been poisoned! Sasha, Sarah, and I went out to dinner Saturday evening in Los Angeles. Sarah and I ordered the restaurant’s special while Sasha ordered a salmon salad. Our specials each came …

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