1. @KelsieABurt1

    Alternate Universe Design Assignment


    I have always wanted to go to another planet, and sometimes would think, what if there was another universe out there somewhere. I would imagine that if there was and alternate universe there would be pretty colors and spectacular views. There would not be any big cities that involve: busy …

  2. @KelsieABurt1

    Design Blitz


    I would say that the Picture above represents the design element of dominance. I would say dominance because it is obvious that there are other objects in the background, but my face is the only thing that is being focused on in the picture, and is really the only thing …

  3. @KelsieABurt1

    Being a Better Photographer


    It may seem like I didn’t put any work into this photo but I did. For this picture I decided to put three of my favorite things together that don’t really go together. I tried thinking outside of the box.

    This picture is taken outside in the back of The …

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