1. kevin0701

    My Propaganda Post!


    Sadly CT 101 is coming to a end but I will never forget this class electronically…Hopefully this propaganda poster i made will make you guys join this class! Trust me you wouldn’t regret it one bit. Prof Ryan will make you feel right at home. Coolest prof you would ever …

  2. kevin0701

    Halloween Collage



    This Halloween collage has the worlds famous horror characters such as The Nun, Pennywise the clown, Jason, and Chucky. This isn’t just one picture but separate frames joined into one image from photoshop. With Halloween right by the corner this portrait collage expresses the spirit of the spooky season. Which …

  3. kevin0701

    Portrait Project Pt.2 !

    Self Portrait GIF of Jason

                   Today I made a Halloween Pt.2 self portrait gif sticker! it was the same process as last class but instead I made a portrait gif sticker of the famous deadly Jason! the gif shows Jason’s mask in four different separate frames from the left to …

  4. kevin0701

    When your sick and can’t make it to class ;(


                  I missed class couples weeks ago due to my sickness and I couldn’t make it to class because I literally felt like a zombie…… But I did catch up on my work and understand the lesson that day it took me some Youtube videos to understand but I understood what …

  5. kevin0701

    Portrait Project!


    Today in class I learned how to make a animated picture frame by frame. The reason I choose this picture was because Halloween is coming up and the picture shows a animated frame by frame of Michael Myers. The process was simple and easy to follow as long as you …

  6. kevin0701

    Panooooooooooramic Trick that works!!



    Today’s class I learned a awesome trick on my phone that brings my panoramic feature on my phone to further heights. In the picture above is all one pic but my classmate and I are in the same photo twice! How could that be?? well the trick is simple, …

  7. kevin0701

    Shit that makes me happy $$$


    There are countless things that make me happy from driving to hanging out  with friends. My two main hobbies is watching movies and working on cars. watching movies makes me more relaxed and enjoyable. working on cars could be frustrated sometimes but when something is achieved or even fixed that …

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