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    Animated GIF Tutorial


    This inclusion in my multimedia story was thanks to the GIF assignments we had to complete during the design week of the class. I thought it would be neat to take a critical line from my story and add a bit more impact to it by making it into an …

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    Final Story: The Chicken Coop


    “Tonight’s a special night. Marv, why don’tchya git a chicken fer supper?” Uncle Clyde leaned back in his chair, muttering between sips of gin. Marvin, a scrawny boy of approximately 5 feet 7 inches, stared blankly out the backdoor. He looked over the cracked land, wind howling through the lonesome …

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    Film Scene Analysis


    I was ecstatic to find that the ending to Tetsuo: The Iron Man, was in our list of options for movie scene analysis. It has long been a favorite movie of mine, I’ve always admired how such a low budget effort could have such a perfect storm of fantastical and …

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    Video Assignment #2: My Mom!


    The assignment was to take related clips from a TV Show or movie and cut them together. This seemed like a daunting task at first, searching through each episode of a tv show to find the exact clips needed. Luckily enough, I remembered Regular Show has plenty of characters with …

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    Reading Movies Reflection


    I found Ebert’s suggestions on how to thoroughly read movies pretty fascinating. I’ve long been captivated by cinema and it was once my dream to be a screenwriter, I would often re-watch my favorite movies to exhaustion attempting to gain a better understanding of what made them seem so brilliant …

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    Audio Assignment #2: On the Run


    For this assignment, I gave myself a challenge of sorts: try not to use any sounds you can find online. I ended up failing my own challenge because after half an hour of attempting to create a realistic gunshot sound I submitted to the power of the internet. Everything …

  7. @kevinds106

    Audio Storytelling Reflection


    I thought both Glass’ and Abumrad’s comments on gaps in the creative process and writers block were very useful to keep in mind when doing audio storytelling. I’ve always had a big problem with throwing in the towel when my first few attempts are bellow my standards. Hearing these radio …

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    Visual Assignment #4: Spubble Trouble


    For our Spubble assignment I chose this picture of me from band camp. All my friends keep telling me how good this picture of me is, but I just don’t see why. It always looks to me as if I’m licking my lips. I decided to play on that idea …

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    Visual Assignment #3: Breaking News from 7-11


    For my third visual assignment I decided to do Newspaper Blackout Poetry. I’ve been a fan of wordplay for a very long time, especially in comedy; from time to time I like to sit down and come up with palindromes or pick out funny little phrases from writing seen everyday …

  10. @kevinds106

    Visual Assignment #2: Introducing the Commie


    I’m a pop culture addict so for my second visual assignment I thought it would be fun to mess around with one of America’s most beloved families. Introducing… The Commie Crew! Trotsky, Engels, Ho Chi Minh, Marx, Adorno, Lenin, Guevara, Mao, they’re all here! I like to think of this …

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    Photo Safari



    Created with flickr slideshow.


    I took all of these photos in the utility area of my basement. I thought’d be a good location for this assignment considering there is a variety of objects down there to take advantage of.

    I decided to focus more on the tips …

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