1. killacarms

    Stranger Danger!


    Daily Create: Monday

    So for today’s daily create, I snapped a pic of a rando. Yeah, that’s right. A RANDO. Let’s be honest here… When DON’T we snipe snap people? I do it all the time, which is wrong, I know. Anyways, how did i take this picture? Well… …

  2. killacarms

    3 Up 3 Down


    Well….. Well! That’s just it! Week 3 is hard to describe. I don’t feel like there was MORE work but then again, I don’t feel like there was LESS? I don’t even think it was the same amount…. what DO I think? Who knows. The Assignments were pretty simple, 3 …

  3. killacarms

    Velcro Solve All Life Problems


    Saturday Daily Create:

    Today’s daily create was great. Allowing me to give advice to other people and them being forced to listen to my audio made me feel powerful. Most people gave insightful tips but life is too serious. Everyone needs to laugh and smile and remember that things will …

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    There is a Web Storytelling 1.0?


    I guess I should have read the previous chapters of this book because I didn’t know there was a web storytelling 1.0. But, that’s not the point. What is important is my reflection on this information-loaded chapter from Bryan Alexander’s novel The New Digital Storytelling. Before I started reading, like …

  5. killacarms

    Rocking, Playing, Preaching, Dj’ing


    For my final Bank Assignment Assignment, I wanted to do a design. The one assignment to catch my attention was John’s. I really thought this was a great one. Everyone loves to google/look up their favorite child star actors, etc. I decided to come up with really intense backgrounds …

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    Who Knew I Was Such A Poet?


    Yet again, it was time to choose an assignment from the Assignment Bank. Season 2, episode 1 of The Wire changed dramatically. Unlike the first season, the show takes place on the Harbor where McNulty has been reassigned. Since I haven’t watched the rest of the season, i’m not …

  7. killacarms

    Is that an M or just candy?


    So today’s daily create was interesting, Finding a math expression/equation/whatever is probably easy for everyone, except me. Math is not my jam. I’m better at poly sci, english, or basically anything that isn’t math. So of course, one equation that was drilled in my head since I was in middle …

  8. killacarms

    They’re Earrings, guys. TDC


    So today’s daily create was interesting. I wasn’t aware what a Lune was so after reading the instructions, i gave it a shot. One thing I always do in the morning is put my pearl earrings on. I find them to be the one accessary to match EVERYTHING. So here’s …

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    PNG IS The Way To Go!


    Wow. That is the only word that is appropriate for this assignment. So I was eager to start on these assignment through the assignment bank! I always like pictures, who doesn’t? I was looking through the visual assignments and stumbled upon the word “Bae”. I was a little sad, yes. …

  10. killacarms

    I already have plans…. Plans with my laptop


    WEEK 2:

    Whoa. How do I describe week 2? I thought week 2 would be a lot easier (HA!). I now understand that initial email sent from Groom and Bond about this class being real work, not a filler course. Week 2 kicked my butt. Here’s what I did!

    My …

  11. killacarms

    Let Me Give You A Copy of The Map.


    Today’s Daily Create was a little more difficult than the rest because I really had to think of what I wanted to draw. I could be really simple and just do houses with domain names or really make the map work as a map. I chose to latter. Enjoy!

  12. killacarms

    Mulan Took The Subway?


    Alright, so for those of you who can’t read my handwriting (which should be all of you), i’ll write it out for you.

    Stop 1:Mulan’s House

    Stop 2: Army Comes For Dad

    Stop 3: Does Goes (which doesn’t have end tracks)

    Stop 4: Mulan Sneaks Out

    Stop 5: Goes To …

  13. killacarms

    How Do You Spell That…?


    Alright, So today’s Daily Create really got my attention. I get to make my own logo… how cool?!?! So as you can obvious tell, my name is CARMELA. Yes, one L, not two. The A is probably the hardest to get because i’m a horrible artist, but it’s a baseball …

  14. killacarms

    Week 1 Summary


    Setting Up

    So, as we all know, this week was about setting up and getting ready for the adventure that is DS106. Who knew this would be such work, considering we all use the common social media sites? It all started with actually creating the blog on WordPress. The installation …

  15. killacarms

    Introductions CAN Be Fun


    Alright, so let’s start off with the basics. My name is Carmela Mitchell and i’m a sophomore here at UMW. As of now, i’m a solid poly sci major (just haven’t declared yet).  I love running blogs, especially my Tumblr blog. Anywho, let me embed some media for you.

    So …

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